4 Ways Social Media Influencers Can Help Your Business

In recent years, media consumption has changed drastically, and we can credit much of the change to social media. According to Social Media Examiner, an average person spends almost two hours (116 minutes) on social media, while teens even spend up to nine hours. The largest social media network is Facebook, and it has more than 2 billion users, while Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn count hundreds of millions.

With so many people active on social media, brands started to utilize that screen space and time to promote themselves. However, the rise of ad blockinghas made other marketing strategies more effective for advertising, making social media influencers the best advocates of any brand. Still, nothing beats the good old word-of-mouth marketing.

Who are Social Media Influencers?

They are people with great social presence which gives them the power to put a brand in front of a huge following. They are primarily found on social media where they have the most influence. However, you can’t just pick one and expect him or her to succeed in promoting you. You and the influencer need to share a similar target audience if you want them to boost your engagement successfully. If that’s not the case, then it doesn’t matter that they have millions of followers. So, the most important thing you should do when deciding on an influencer is defining a context.

Social influences have built their own following in their niche, becoming a voice of trust and reason. If you’re considering to get some help from an influencer, here are four ways in which you can benefit.

1 Influencers Increase Credibility

People will understand that you are open to the bigger picture once they see you working alongside others who are as savvy in the industry as you. You are willing to listen and take advice that’s not your own, but also to preach. Working with influencers that already have an established credibility will also increase your own. An influencer will verify your credibility among your target audience also because many customers find and listen to recommendations from influential people.

2 Improve Search Rankings

Good search engine ranking is something that all website owners want. The two most important factors for rankings are the content and links directing to your website – and influencers can help you with both.

What plays a crucial role in your search engine ranking? It is the authenticity, freshness, relevance, and quality of your content. Also, when other credible and reputable sites share links to your site, Google ranks you higher. Having the right influencer by your side will help you build high-value and organic backlinks to your landing pages and website.

Take a look at this guide on finding the right influencer for your business and on an outreach strategy so they can’t say “No.”

3 Increased Exposure

The “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” method is an unbeatable formula in the marketing industry. For example, you approved a blogger to write a post for your website. He will deliver content that is relevant to your audience, thus add another quality piece to your catalog and drive some traffic, while on the other hand, he will get his name in front of a larger audience and redirect some of them to his own website.

It’s what you do with influencers – getting access to their audience. If they follower base is substantial and is made of your ideal buyer personas, then it’s worthwhile taking a shot. Of course, you will need to offer something in return, and everyone’s a winner.

4 Cost-Effectiveness

The influencer marketing strategies are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional paid media. According to Blogovin’, most Instagram micro-influencers charge up to $250 per post. On the other hand, for every dollar spent on influencer marketing, you will get $11.69 in return (source: Statista), which means that it has a high return on investment. And besides monetary gains, there is also the added media value due to publicity and sharing.

Influencer marketing is excellent for those with small marketing budgets, such as startups and small businesses. It can help you increase exposure, increase credibility, rank better in SERPs, and in the end – save a few bucks. Influencers can also help you connect more authentically and intimately with your ideal buyers; as consumers, nowadays, doubt companies and trust their peers. In other words: when a company says something, it’s marketing, but when a peer says it, it’s more believable.


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