5 Easy Ways To Create Content On YouTube

With the diverse social media platforms available these days, it seems overwhelming to figure out which network will work best for you and your goals. For most of us, as we open our phones each day, we will normally check Facebook and Instagram before we do anything else. 

Whenever we feel like watching something specific, YouTube is usually the default place to go for video content. Most people spend more time watching videos on YouTube than all other networks combined. The engaging videos that marketers create are designed to increase watch time and be found in all the search engines, which can grab our attention at any moment. 

You can easily watch just about anything on YouTube, and with the endless YouTube channels, and the rise of vloggers – or video bloggers, YouTube has been the place to go for video marketers to create personalized video content. With so many video ideas, you may wonder, how many people watch YouTube each day? Well, here’s some of the interesting facts why YouTube is such an incredible platform for online marketing:

The time spent of 18 to 49 year-olds watching YouTube videos increased 74%  while TV watch time has decreased more than 10% since 2015.
Of all the TV cable or broadcast networks, YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year-olds on mobile alone.

In every minute, there are 300 hours of video uploaded.

More than 1 billion hours worth of YouTube videos is being watched every single day!

Despite these impressive numbers, not everyone can create top YouTube videos, and succeed in marketing on YouTube on their first few tries. But, many marketers are able to figure out how to grow their subscribers and start to earn money within the first year. With over one billion users, YouTube provides an opportunity that if used wisely, can help a marketer gain enormous leverage over competitors and gain notice from its target audience.

Below, we have listed some important things that will help with YouTube marketing, and you should consider when creating a content strategy for YouTube. 

Choose Your Target Audience

YouTube is said to receive views from people ages 18-45 years old from 88 countries around the world. With over one billion users, you can certainly choose from a wide audience, just make sure that the type of videos you create, cater to audiences of different subclasses and groups. Once you know who your target audience is, you can start testing different types of content and review trends and statistics so you can effectively cater to the viewers’ wants, interests, and needs.

Know What’s In And What’s Out

As a marketer, you need knowledge of the latest trends. What are the latest trends in fashion? What is the newest craze? Are these trends consistently rising or already on their way to a decline in popularity? Being able to answer these questions can help you understand your audience more. Thus, helping you optimize your content based on your target group of viewers. The most successful YouTube channels always know what there audience is looking for, and constantly deliver videos featuring exactly what they want. Look to others in your industry for top tips on what the trends are and what will work for you. 

Provide Content Based On What You Offer

Knowing your audience is one thing, but it’s just the tip of the beginning. Identifying the services and products you can offer, is something to consider before launching your first video. 

For example, if you are offering retail items such as clothes and other apparel, consider the sizing, the style, and the quality of your product. Making your services appealing is important, but honest marketing along with quality videos will help you gain loyal and engaged followers for a much longer time. Look to other successful YouTubers to see what types of content they are creating and how they create for their audience. If you use a call to action inside your videos, make sure they are relevant and provide some real value to the viewer. 

Maintain Consistent Activity On Your Account

This step might be the most challenging. After gaining viewers and followers, you have to remain active and keep creating YouTube content.

You can easily create a schedule for your convenience, so you know when you have to create content, so that its ready for when your viewers expect it. You can keep your videos short under 3 minutes each so that they don’t take a huge amount of time to create on a regular basis. You should always watch your videos through to the end before publishing to make sure they look good and that they are not too long for the viewer. 

If you wish to reach more people quickly, and have more people watch and subscribe to your channel, you can also try paid advertising on YouTube. This will help to optimize your content reach. There are many ways that video marketers, use YouTube to reach more users effectively. 

Be Creative And Take Action!

Lastly, when you are doing any content creating or marketing on YouTube, keep the creative juices flowing! Make it fun and relatable. Being able to confidently communicate in front of the camera will help you grow your subscribers and connect with your audience on a much deeper level. What matters most is to keep your creativity flowing and create the type of videos that are the best fit for your audience. 

Be creative, create content regularly, and who knows, you just might have millions of people watch your videos daily, and subscribe to your channel!


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