5 Social Media Audit Tips That Are Important In Your Professional Life

Today, social media is the real driving force of our lives. With it, we seek solutions on what to eat or wear, and it is where many people find the right entrepreneurial opportunity or employment. For entrepreneurs and job seekers, social media is integral. Most job seekers use social media in search of viable opportunities while the entrepreneurs convert their expertise in social media into lucrative businesses. When using social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you are bound to come across various different pages and click on many interesting links.

Have you ever wondered how you could attract your own social media visitorsby creating a more compelling and exciting account? According to Natalie Zfat,an entrepreneur with more than 400,000 active social media professional followers, social media is no longer an option but a priority today for freelancers and job seekers. “People are always looking at different social channels when making hiring decisions,” Zfat said. Before you start hunting for a job or any business opportunity, you should audit your social media account. The following six tips will help you do it successfully.

1. Filter your Previous Photos, Feeds, and Wall

If you want to make an impression on your prospective employer, you should go back and revise your past posts. You should ensure that everything that you’ve posted on social media is brand-friendly and does not paint a bad image about you.

2. Check your Language

At times, posts on politics and religion can damage your professional resume. It’s smart to take care of what you say and how you say it when expressing a view on social media. You’ll be surprised how much impact your posts have in your professional life.

3. Let your Cover Image Represent You

What does your Twitter or Facebook profile image say about you? It’s essential to have an image on your profile that represents you as a professional. Even though it’s a social account, you should look for a more professional picture to set as a profile photo.

4. Check What you are Sharing

It’s great to share tweets and posts that express your expertise in the job that you are hunting, but at the same time you should avoid sharing information that may taint your professional resume. The nature of your posts should be professional and offer something of value to your followers.

5. Share The Right Content

Every social platform has its purpose, so it’s a great idea to make sure that you are creating and posting content that is suitable for each network. If you are on LinkedIn then professional business related content with a link to an article that you feel is interesting, is always a great thing to share. This will also show your connections and prospective employer what types of things you are interested in.

If you can keep these 5 tips in mind with your social accounts, you are guaranteeing yourself extra points in your professional life. You will enjoy an upper hand in your job hunting search and have a better chance with new business opportunities.


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