Smart 6 Strategies to Drive Traffic With LinkedIn

Everybody wants more website traffic. It means that you have a website or a blog that people find interesting, relevant, and valuable, so they visit and keep revisiting to keep track of the updates. But did you know that there are 1,630,322,579 websites in the world? And many of them are business websites that have different strategies in place to drive as much traffic as they can.

An integral part of most campaigns aimed at driving traffic is social media sites. With a few tricks, you can leverage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to attract more site visitors. And LinkedIn surely stands out if your focus is on B2B because it’s the world’s biggest professional networking platform that offers various tools for bringing more targeted traffic. So, what’s stopping you from using it to your advantage?

Sit back in your chair and pay attention to these strategies for driving traffic with LinkedIn.

1. Complete Your LinkedIn Profile

Your profile is your calling card, and you should give your best to make it a good one as it needs to leave a memorable first impression. Choose between creating a personal or branded company profile.

If you’re a small business owner, CEO, sales manager, blogger, or content marketer, then you need a personal profile because you’re the one who’s going to use it for networking. Complete your profile by adding a professional yet personalized summary. People don’t relate to a business brand as well as they do to an actual person so upload a more friendly headshot.

A branded company profile is the choice to go with if you run a company. Have a designer create a banner image with your logo for brand recognition. Use the About section to tell a short but impactful story about you and your business, company history, mission, values, and culture. In both cases, add a link to your website and blog.

2. Grow Your Network

Without expanding your network of contacts on LinkedIn, you won’t be able to do much to increase your traffic. First, connect with people you already know to develop your network and keep in touch with existing business contacts. Next, start adding the faces you know, such as people you’ve gone to school with, you work with or have worked with, email contacts, known names from LinkedIn groups, you’ve met through networking events, business partners, and customers. You can use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search to target people according to their location, current and past company, school, demographic, and many other criteria.

3. LinkedIn Pulse

The most proven way of driving more traffic is, of course, content marketing. You have to say something that can educate or help your prospects. Then start writing and publishing your articles on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Prepare yourself by researching for relevant hashtags and adding links that lead to your profile and website. Linkedln Pulse is primarily a blogging platform that audiences on LinkedIn regularly visit. Curate exclusive content for Pulse at least once a week, and you’ll see your traffic numbers go up. Great way to get noticed.

4. Stay Active

Staying active and frequently posting on the site is key to driving more traffic. Post status updates (if not every day, then at least a few times per week), don’t spam, post links to other articles as well as article links to your site or blog. Create a posting schedule and stick to it, because consistency is crucial for keeping your readership interested.

5. Share Your Posts with Individuals

Whenever you post a new piece on your blog, you can send it directly to a connection via LinkedIn emails. Avoid making formal and dry messages but make it personal. Personalization is highly regarded in online communication because people don’t relate to non-humanized brands very well. Mention the recipient’s name, and give them a reason to click on the link. If your audience is segmented, make sure to curate a different message for each segment.

6. Join or Create Groups

A LinkedIn group is a community of people gathered around a particular topic. They talk, share content, and ask questions about things they don’t understand or need help with. Search for your niche groups or make your group. If you opt for this choice, realize you must spread the word about it, as well as to moderate it. If you, as a professional in your field, can help others with their problems, provide relevant information, statistics, personal views, and discuss trends, then people will see you as a thought leader and won’t think twice about clicking on each link you share.

LinkedIn has no match when it comes to everything from representing yourself, your skills, and your work to networking, content marketing, driving traffic, building authority in your niche, and of course – lead generation. With these simple yet smart and practical strategies, you can drive traffic with LinkedIn, which will do wonders for your position in SERP.


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