7 Things Business Owners Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

The increased global usage of mobile devices has opened up new frontiers in social media marketing. In fact, over the last half-decade or so, approximately one billion new users have joined social networks. When well implemented, social media marketing is a great way of building new business leads and ultimately boosting your Return-On-Investment (ROI). Companies that were once skeptical about social media marketing are now investing heavily.

Below are seven factors worth considering as you put together your social media marketing strategy.

1. Hiring a new social media manager or assistant is not enough

Just because a virtual assistant or an agency has managed a social media account before doesn’t mean that they will do an effective and successful campaign for your company. Since content created for a serious campaign is based on or around niche-specific data and information, it can be difficult for someone new to understand what is needed to reach your audience. Although the virtual assistant or agency may spend time learning about your industry, it’s unlikely to match the knowledge of an expert or a company representative who has been in the industry for years.

Hiring a professional who is well versed in your industry to manage your social media is the best way of ensuring that your resources and efforts put forth, are beneficial to your business bottom-line.

2. Post Consistently but Not Excessively

You should not have social media profiles without content. You need to post content regularly. However, that doesn’t also mean that you have to post something every hour. It’s important to engage your viewers/fans consistently, without overwhelming them. This can be achieved when you post content that keep people interested and engaged and spread out throughout the day at different times.  

3. Use Visuals and Virtual Reality

When using social media for advertising, visuals are as significant as the messaging. Compared to text, video generates 1200% more shares, and 75% of leading marketers are known to create custom videos targeting their audiences. So, always try to include videos in your social media posts.

Although it’s still new and evolving, virtual reality (VR) is now a standard feature on social media. Facebook, for example, started supporting 360 photos and videos in June 2016. Many companies have since been using this feature to give users a unique and remarkable online experience. 

4. Schedule Posts in Advance

Schedule your social media posts days ahead, especially those that you want to get exposure over the weekend—in case your business only runs Monday to Friday. It ensures that you are regularly engaging with your followers and your social media marketing efforts are consistent across all social media platforms.

5. Be Audience Specific

These days, just posting a company profile, ads, or your products is not enough as it may not necessarily translate into actual sales. It is critical to target potential clients based on their interests, such as estimated income, educational level, relationship status, recent behavior (like visiting the gym), and more. Using such filters when placing ads, helps you to narrow down your larger audience to only focus on those who have the highest likelihood of becoming an actual customer.

6. Running Ads Alone May Not Be Effective

According to a recent Sprout Social report, when it comes to social media posts, there is a fine line between being informational and annoying—in fact, 46% of consumers confirmed that they would not hesitate to unfollow a brand if they posted too many ads or promotions. It’s, therefore, vital that your posts contain content that adds value to your audience and not purely from a promotional standpoint.

7. Choose Social Media Networks Wisely

There are many social media channels that you can use to promote your products. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be on all of them. It’s crucial that you choose your social media platforms carefully and focus your marketing efforts on those that will work for your target customer base. For example, in 2017, 70.7% of major brands were estimated to be using Instagram. However, if your target audience or followers are not on Instagram, you would be wasting your time and resources managing a page.


Social media has great potential for your ROI. But always remember that without committed fans or followers, your social media marketing efforts can become a waste of time for you and your team. Engaging your followers regularly makes it possible for you to uncover issues or challenges experienced by your customers. You can then be proactive in addressing matters quickly before they become major problems. Customer engagement along with the tips above will help ensure you have a winning social media strategy.


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