8 Tips to Master Social Media for Your Business

There is no digital marketing strategy that doesn’t include social media. According to Smart Insights, out of 4 billion Internet users in the world, 3.1 billion are active social media users, and the number keeps rising.

So, if we talk about marketing, social media is obligatory as it’s one of the most powerful ways of connecting with your audience and increasing your brand awareness. However, as both platforms and user behavior change, the ways brands approach social media has to change as well. The social landscape has greatly evolved just during last year or so, and we witnessed to rise of LinkedIn for influencer outreach, the introduction of the 280-character limit on Twitter, and drastic shifts in Facebook algorithm.

So, how can a business leverage the power of social media? What tactics should you put in place as cornerstones of your digital marketing strategy? What are the trends worth your long-term investments?

1. Tell Great Stories

People are sick of impersonal brands and spam, so sending out one link after another if far from effective. What resonates with social media audiences the best is the social storytelling. Story-based posts that don’t contain any links or CTA will often drive a discussion, which is a great, natural way of getting people interested in your brand and get much love in the comment section.

Why is storytelling content so popular? Well, they have a better chance at appearing in your follower’s news feeds because social media algorithms are demoting promotional brands packed with links. Also, people don’t see them as marketing spam but as positive messages that carry meaning. The moral of the story is – don’t make each of your posts promotional.

2. Copied Content? A Big No!

The amount of content that’s being put out online is at an all-time high, so it’s practically impossible to know what content is original and what is a copied. Focus on being unique and produce content that doesn’t resemble anything that’s common on social media. Make a team of creative experts to create original content, put the content through thoughtful review or revision, and be sure that it will stand out from the replicated content.

3. Show Off Your Personality

The next thing to conclude is – be yourself on social media. In the past, businesses had to construct different media and promotional strategies to influence the average consumer. Today, consumers are aware when someone tries to serve them a constructed story and they appreciate authenticity and transparency. Just take a look at brands that you follow. Do they have a personality? If there’s something special or different about them, about what they post and how they communicate, then they have it.

It’s all about experience and connection, not just about showing your product or service values to your audience. Brands with the best social media presence are focused on sharing a common point of view with their customers.

4. Tag Brands and Influencers in Social Media Posts

For scoring more exposure for your social media posts, tagging others has become a bulletproof tactic to every major social network. Tagged posts, just like posts with hashtags, earn more attention regardless of whether the tagged name is a big player or not. With tactical tagging, you can tap into some else’s audience and it doesn’t take any of your time. If you don’t know who to tag, use tools like Buzzsumo. It’s an influencer marketing tool that can provide you with relevant hashtags and keywords, and a clue on potential tagging targets.

5. Don’t Forget about Live Video

Video is now the most popular and effective type of content in terms of user engagement. Nevertheless, brands keep pushing the boundaries with live video. Due to their algorithm change, Facebook explicitly advises brands to use their Facebook Live feature because these videos get about 6 times as many interactions that regular videos. As for Instagram live and Instagram stories, they continue to rise as there was more than 300 million Instagram Stories since last October.

Today’s consumers like to be addressed directly, while live video is easily consumed and very cost-effective (as Internet users don’t expect it to have a polished production). These videos are presented as a must-see because you can’t leave it for later.

6. Connect with Micro Influencers

People tend to trust small influencers more than those with a follower base of 100,000+ people. This means that you shouldn’t let an influencer’s follower count define their worth as a social media influencer. A smaller following usually means that it’s a more intimate community and that the rate of engagement is higher (the ratio of followers vs likes/comments). There is more power in the hands of micro influencers that you thought.

7. Use Geotags

On Instagram, geotagging is a sure way to build a local following and it’s one of the most effective social media tactics for businesses with physical stores. When you tag your brick-and-mortar location, it will signal that you’re a part of the local community and inspire customers to show you more love. Geotagging is also a kind of social proof because it allows you to curate customer photos. When people see photos of those who visited your store, they will know that you’re the real deal.

8. Stay Committed to Building Your Following

If you want to build a strong following, then you must stay active in your efforts. Follow more people on social media, and a small percentage will follow you back. Interact with them on a daily basis and don’t get nervous because your following increases slowly. It takes time, but once it gains momentum, your efforts will snowball. Do a demographic research, research for hashtags and follow those who use them, and follow people who have attended an important industry event.

Introduce your brand. Initiate conversations. Be sociable and approachable. Share your current projects. Ask questions. Take a good look at these social media tactics and try using them to master social media for your company. Trends keep changing in the social media world and these tips will help you stay on top of the latest ones. And if you still find it difficult to set your social media strategy by yourself or read the analytics, get help from a Social Media Management Company to help you bring ideas to realization and save some time.


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