Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Events

Facebook is indeed a multi-purpose social platform. Unlike Twitter or Instagram, Facebook has a great event feature. It allows users to organize their gatherings and let their connections know about their upcoming events (whether online or in their communities.) If you have a Facebook account (and you most probably do), you can host your event, make it open to anyone or make it invitation-only, and invite followers of a page, members of a group, or friends.

An event invitation on Facebook can reach many people quickly, and the RSVP area on the event page shows you how many people are planning to attend it. Also, when someone clicks on “Interested” or “Going,” it shows up on their newsfeed, which means that their friends can see it.

As a business owner or marketer, you can use the Event feature to extend your promotion efforts. You can create a private event which only the invitees can see (but also invite others if you allow them) or a public one which anyone on Facebook can view and search for it.

How to Set Up a Facebook Event

To set up an event, you need to:

  1. Go to the Events tab and click Create Event.
  2. Click on Create Private Event or Create Public Event.
  3. Choose a theme for your occasion – travel, family, holiday, birthday, etc.
  4. Upload a photo, pick the date and time, name the event, and add an event description.
  5. When the event is created, click on the Invite button and start inviting your guests.

Write a Good Description

A correct Event description will include all relevant information and details regarding the schedule, special guests, and pricing. Add information about the venue as well, for example, if it’s a larger location, add clear and specific directions so attendees will know where to go when they arrive.

Use an Enticing Event Photo

The event photo should be relevant and eye-catching. For example, choose a festive picture if you’re hosting your company’s anniversary. As for the photo size, Facebook recommends using the 16:9 aspect ratio or 1920 x 1080 pixel image.

Include Keywords in the Tags Section

To make it more searchable, use relevant keywords as tags to optimize your Facebook event. Start typing the keywords, and Facebook will provide suggestions in a drop-down menu. That way, Facebook will recommend the event to people based on their interests, which is particularly useful for Public Events.

How to Promote a Facebook Event

First, start with your network and circle of friends. But instead of waiting and hoping that they will share it with their network and so on, you can promote your event by running a Facebook Ad. You’ll notice the Boost Event tab on your event page and make sure to push it to people who aren’t aware of your brand but may be interested in attending.

If you co-host the event, ask the other hosts to share the event as well. Share updates, photos, videos, and stories on the Event page as the date of the event approaches, to generate more interest. During event preparations, use the Facebook Live feature to take the attendees behind the scenes of the event.

Post conversation starters, details, and relevant information in the Facebook Event page to keep the attendees excited about coming to your event. Every time you post something, people who have checked “Going” or “Interested” will get notified about the new post about the event.


To avoid spam, Facebook sets an invite limit to 500. If you invite a large number of people who don’t bother to respond, Facebook could limit the number of people you can invite even further. To avoid this, allow anyone you invite, also to welcome their connections, and name a co-host who can also attract up to 500 people.

Gatherings and networking events are one of key elements to expanding your network of connections, but also to connect to your employees outside the office where you don’t talk about work, but get to know each other and have fun. That’s where Facebook Events feature comes into play as one of the best ways to create and promote your event.


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