Attract More Viewers With Facebook Live Through These 8 Useful Tips

Going live on social media is one of the most effective ways for extending your audience reach and attracting more viewers. Facebook Live can be a valuable strategic initiative for your brand because the main goals of Facebook Live streaming are reaching new followers and nurturing existing relationships.

What to do, what to avoid, and how to get started with Facebook Live? Whenever a social media platform rolls out a new feature, marketers hurry to test those new waters in order to find the best ways to use it for online promotion. We have compiled a list of useful tips for leveraging Facebook Live.

1. Promote Your Live Stream In Advance

Promote your Live Steam in advance by setting the exact date and time. Create a video or an image to put on your website, blog, and social media profiles. You can even go as far as to set up a Facebook event or even ask for some influencer help to spread the word. Also, remember to send out reminders up until the Live session. On the day of the Live Steam, you can remind them every hour or so, as a kind of a countdown, to boost the excitement.

2. Interact

During your LIve session, don’t forget to interact with your followers and respond to their comments and questions. This is how you can build a more personal relationship with your fans because it will make you seem more “real” and approachable. The more they comment, the higher your relevancy score will be, which will increase your rank and frequency of appearing in people’s Facebook feeds. Encourage people to ask questions, call them out by their full name, and provide instant answers.

3. Don’t Worry about Mistakes

If you want, you can rehearse it as many times you want. However, things need to go spontaneously, so it’s crucial not to try and memorize everything you’re supposed to say. Anything can happen during Facebook Live – your wifi can go down, your phone can break, you can stutter, or lose a thought. But that’s something that comes natural to everybody, something that just happens, but it’s not a reason to stop the session. Just learn to act spontaneously and adapt, because viewers love Facebook Live exactly because it’s live! Don’t expect things to be perfect.

4. Create a Facebook Live Series

There’s no reason to make your live session a one-time thing. Series give you consistency and a sense of continuity, and a consistent customer experience builds a trusted brand. A series of Facebook Live events will gain more traction, more followers, and increase brand awareness over time. So, instead of making one long video, produce a series of shorter ones for the best effect.

5. Reach Out to Similar Pages

Find other Facebook pages in your category or industry, contact them personally, and tell them about your Facebook Live event. Ask them if they would like to trade promotions (when they run their Live event) or just promote the event to their audience. Also, join some relevant Facebook Groups and ask the moderators if they would allow a promotional share and let the group members know about your Facebook Live event.

6. Place It in Your Email Signature

If you’re sending out dozens of emails every day, then your email signature has a tremendous promotional power. Change it for the time being by including the graphic of your Facebook Live event or adding a link that leads to your Facebook page.

7. Network

Ask your friends, followers, and colleagues to share the info about the event on their own social media timelines. People are more likely to listen to and be influenced by their peers, which makes networking one of the best ways to spread the word about your Facebook Live session. Be sure to promote from your personal page as well, but don’t do it too often so not to annoy your friends and relatives who follow you on Facebook.

8. Run a Giveaway or Contest

Giveaways and contest offered during a Facebook Live session make them more interesting and can increase the number of your viewers. Give them promotional material, signed copies of your book, a free consulting session, or anything that’s relevant to your brand. It has to be related to your core value (so you’ll attract the right customers to your event) and it has to be exciting.

After your Facebook Live session is over, take a look at the broadcast metrics. Did you attract the right people? What more can you learn about your audience? You can use this data to improve your next Facebook Live. Don’t expect immediate results because growing a Facebook Live audience takes time. However, using these video features is a fun way to connect, engage, and interact with your customers. The more you use it, the more effective you will become at it.


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