How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Page for Your Business

With more than 550 million users, LinkedIn is the leading professional social network worldwide. You know what that means? It means that it’s a great place to present your business and market your business brand!

A company page on LinkedIn can help you connect with professionals from your niche, promote your products and services, enhance your brand, establish yourself as an expert and thought leader, and attract the attention of job candidates, potential partners, and prospects. Your LinkedIn page is to disclose who you are, what you do, and what it’s like to work with your company. Let us guide you through the process of creating the perfect LinkedIn page for your business.

1. Set Up Your Company Page

Setting up a company page on LinkedIn is easy and free. Register on the platform, add your company logo, banner image, and your company description (make sure to optimize it for lead generation.)

Profile Image – It’s the first thing people will see when searching for your company, so it makes the first impression. Company Pages without profile images get six times fewer visitors than those with pictures.

Profile Banner – Your logo is pretty much straightforward, while the banner space offers more room for your creativity.

2. Fill Up the “About Us” Section

Great imagery will attract a prospect, but to reel them in, you need some good words. The “About Us” section lets you present yourself in 2,000 words. Introduce yourself and your company, tell them your story and what motivated you to start a company, and what motivates you to keep going. Use simple language (driven by the right keywords) to outline what you’re all about so anyone who visits can comprehend.

Your LinkedIn company description should provide answers to a few basic questions, such as – Who are you? Where are you based? What are your values? What do you offer? What is your brand voice? How can people reach you to learn more?

LinkedIn is a business-oriented platform, so don’t try to appeal to Generation Z by sharing old or unrelated memes, but also don’t write in a language that’s too formal and boring. Research your audience and introduce yourself in a style that resonates with them.

3. Complete Other Important Sections

After you’ve written a compelling “About Us” presentation, make sure you complete the rest of your company page.

  • Address. Always make sure that it’s up-to-date.
  • Headquarters Country. If you run an international business, indicate where your HQ resides.
  • Website URL. Include the link to your website on your company page so your visitors can explore it as well as the blog section where you publish relevant content.
  • Company size. Let your visitors know how many people your business employs.
  • Industry. Explain the type of industry you are in (e.g., Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Farming, Life Sciences, etc.).

With this information in place, your profile will be more discoverable by people in search for brands like yours.

4. Career Page

Job seekers are more likely to apply for a job at a company that promotes their company culture online. So, to strengthen your recruitment efforts, use LinkedIn Career Pages to present your company culture in the best possible way.

Career Pages have different customizable modules where you can display articles, photos, and videos about your organization’s daily routines.

For example, when in Career Pages, go to the Employee Perspectives section where you can publish content created by your employees. That will show the job seekers that you value the voice of your employees, give them recognition, and provide them growth opportunities.

You can also use it to share employee testimonials, create a “Meet the Team” section to introduce your employees, and track recruitment analytics to adjust your hiring process.

5. Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages are highly customizable. Visitors can come here for content about your product ranges, individual brands, sponsorships, charity events, and events like regular meetups, expositions, and conferences.

These pages have a set of followers (separate from the Company Page), and to make and keep them successful, you need to update it with new articles, presentations, and videos regularly. It’s also a great place to get more value from your targeted advertising by sharing Sponsored Content.

6. Give and Collect Endorsements

Endorsements are LinkedIn’s most potent form of social proof. You can ask for and give recommendations, which always proposes a mutual benefit. Ask your employees to connect to your Company Profile, and in return, provide great suggestions from your profile.

Next, ask your associates to do so as well (about 76% of B2B buyers prefer working with recommendations from their professional network.) After each positive interaction with an account manager, vendor, new networking contact, or any other company – reach out to connect, give a recommendation, and ask for one in return.

Exchange recommendations with your customers as well. Create a dialogue with a customer whenever they message you with a question or comment on the content you’ve shared on your Company Page. It’s an excellent opportunity to win an endorsement.

If you are revamping your LinkedIn Company Page or creating a new one, by using this guide, you can perfect your page and make it spotless. It’s where your business can share useful and exciting updates, recruit top talent, promote products and services, and connect with your audience. From writing a killer “About Us” section to creating Showcase Pages, we are here to walk you through the process. In case you need assistance or don’t have time to deal with it yourself, reach out to Strong Social for help with your LinkedIn or any other social media efforts.


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