Increase Your Twitter Followers in 7 Easy Steps

Twitter can help your business grow, but only when used correctly. Through Twitter, you can generate leads easier and connect with your prospects, but first, you must have followers to make it work. And followers aren’t just numbers in your following. They have a tremendous value for your business, so if you’re ready to increase the number of eyes that keep your business on sight, we would like to suggest a simple-but-effective 7-step strategy for getting more followers on Twitter.

1. Tweet as Much as You Can

Unlike any other social media platform, Twitter requires you to post content more frequently. Also, be aware that it is not all about promoting yourself. Be sure that your content has some useful information about things that your followers will be interested. It will show all the potential followers that you are engaging, active, and worth following. What should you share on Twitter? Start with some breaking news related to your industry, Tweets from your followers, some relevant industry articles, and personal updates.

2. Write a Good Bio

When someone looks at your profile for the first time, the first thing he or she sees is your Bio. Thus, it needs to represent you faithfully and in the best possible light to make an excellent first impression. This way, people can see who you are, and a good first impression will make them want to follow you. Use some keywords and phrases that will attract your targeted audience, mention your company name, and include the link to your website. Tell people about your achievements, positions, and honors, but keep in mind that you can use only 160 characters when writing it. Develop a good strategy when creating your Bio, and make it worth.

3. Tweet at the Right Time

Adjust your Tweeting to your targeted audience. Posting throughout the whole day won’t do any good if you don’t know who you’re posting for. Use Twitter audience insight to uncover when your audience is most likely to be online. Also, you can get to know their lifestyle choices, interests, demographics, and purchase behaviors – all relevant for creating the most engaging messages and identifying with your target audience.

The best time to Tweet depends whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, because B2C performs 17% better on weekends, while B2B does 16% better during business hours.

4. Schedule Your Tweets

The best way to get more followers is to get strategic about it. You can schedule posting your content to free yourself from checking your social media and content sources all the time, waiting for someone to publish a new piece of valuable content. By doing so, you are becoming consistent across Twitter, no matter the time. By posting on a regular basis, you will increase your visibility and engagement, and boost the number of your followers.

5. Visual Content Gets You More Followers

If your Tweets have consistent visual content, you will get more shares, likes, and Retweets. There is nothing wrong, of course, if you post only text-based tweets, but images will have greater impact and encourage people to stop scrolling, and take a moment to look at your post. If you have some relevant data to share that are represented via infographics, be sure to do it. The last, but not the least, is video content. It has even more chances to be shared than a text-based tweet.

6. Tell Your Story

Storytelling has been one of the best ways to entice and attract more followers for a long time. Tell people about the details of your business, and share it with them exclusively via Twitter. This way, they must follow you if they want to be fed with the stories you give them, which will help you connect with more people more efficiently. The essential thing when it comes to storytelling is always to be personal. Give the people the real you, not an image you crafted. This way they can relate to your stories. Think about what will attract people to you, and what will make them engage with you and follow you.

7. Use Hashtags

Hashtags make your posts visible and searchable. Tweets with hashtags get more engagement than the ones without, and by using hashtags you increase the possibility of new followers to find you. There are plenty of hashtags in which to choose. Use hashtags that relate to your line of work as well as the popular hashtags to reach to a broader audience (find your balance of niche and popular hashtags.)

Your Twitter account won’t get followed by itself (while we’re at it, it’s virtually impossible.) Carefully plan your content, optimize your Twitter profile, and engage with users, you can attract more followers. Remember to be consistent. These simple steps can help you get more followers on Twitter. By spending little time, you can make a difference on a large scale concerning new leads, promoting your brand, and acquiring new customers.


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