How To Provide Personalized Customer Service Through Instagram Live

If you thought Instagram Live couldn’t help you provide a better and personalized customer service, better guess again. After the IGTV launch in June, Instagram rolled out another new feature – Instagram Video Chat. And with 1 billion users on their platform, Instagram is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop network that aims to satisfy all their users’ needs. Now, besides Live Video, we have the direct and group Video Chat option added to the app’s expanding set of features.

Why Use Instagram Live and Video Chat for Customer Service?

If the most substantial part of your target audience is on Instagram, then it makes perfect sense – social media users like the convenience that social media platforms provide them. And if they can buy products or services right there, then why not provide them with customer service when they have questions or need assistance. Many consumers out there are trying to reach a brand via social media for customer service.

Customers turn more to video to get their answers, so by leveraging Instagram Live you can help you stand out from your competition. It establishes credibility and instills trust. 

Instagram Live

Instagram Live can be used to provide answers to your followers directly, but you can also save it, slice it up into several shorter videos to separate the answers for each frequently asked question (FAQ). You can schedule and promote an Instagram Live event, so your customers will know when to get online and ask questions in the comments. Also, you can make a list of FAQ’s, post a video, and then save it to your Instagram collection. That way, your followers can access your collection to find the answers they need.

Benefits of Visual Chat for Customer Service

Customers want immediate solutions when they experience an issue, expecting it to be handled within 30 minutes when making a call. And most of them reach out to their phones to contact customer support, but is an audio interaction enough?

Real-time video is much more efficient than other solutions because it’s easier for customer service representatives to make someone understand their instructions. Pre-recorded videos are useful but not as much as real-live video communication, such as the one Instagram now offers with their new Video Chat feature.

Live video communication also builds trust more than other means of support. Customers can now connect a face to the person they’re talking to and will be more likely to return if another problem comes up.

Video communication for customer service improves customer engagement and retention, but it has to be thoroughly prepared. What’s fundamental here is the interpersonal skill of your customer service staff, which range from a friendly attitude to nonverbal gestures.

Video chat also allows hearing impaired customers to communicate via sign-language, providing assistance that is not possible over non-visual channels of communication.

How to Use Instagram Live and Video Chat

You can launch an Instagram Live stream by tapping on your Stories camera button. Then configure your settings and set up your video by picking the camera you want to use (front or back), writing a short description, and configuring your story settings. Start recording and hit the stop button when done. After it ends, tap Save, and your Live video will be saved on your phone, ready to be uploaded and kept in a Customer Service Support collection.

As for Live Video Chat, you can’t chat with everyone. You can only engage in a video chat with a person that you had a direct message conversation. So, you can provide live video customer service only after they’ve reached out to you via DM. Then tap the video camera button to begin the video chat with a person or even a group (it supports up to 4 people in the conversation.)

While engaging in the video chat, you can switch from the front to the rear-facing camera at any time by tapping the double arrow icon. You can also mute or unmute your mic, turn your camera off and back on, minimize the chat to navigate around your smartphone, and eventually leave the video chat.

With live video communication, businesses will add a more personal touch to the interaction with their customers, as well as help your customer service representatives to determine the problems quicker thanks to the show-and-tell method. Google and Amazon have already proven that live video support for customer service works, so what are you waiting for?


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