7 Tools You Can Use to Research The Best Twitter Hashtags

To improve your presence on Twitter, first, you need to understand how this social platform works. The key to better engagement and communication with users across Twitter is to learn how to use some handy tools to identify Twitter hashtags that are relevant to your brand and your audience.

Here are 7 tools that you can put to great use.

1. ExportTweet for Purchasing In-Depth Hashtag Reports

With ExportTweet, you can buy in-depth hashtag reports at a reasonable price. There, you can find influencer data, check out top tweets, research keywords, and track data. There is a free version of this tool, but it allows you to use it for only 100 tweets. The paid version, on the other hand, provides you with unlimited tracking. There are some alternatives considering ExportTweet, such as the insight it gives on geographical location, related domains, most active posting days, most active influencers, links, top images, and videos.

2. Navigational Tool Trendsmap

This tool allows you to find trending hashtags by location, and find out how different places discuss different topics online. It is excellent for marketers since they can use this kind of information to geo-target their messaging. Geotargeting allows you to know which issues are hot and trending in a particular area, thus to directly engage with the audiences there. So, as topics may vary at different places, cities and countries, start using this hashtag tool finder to keep in touch with the trending topics.

3. Twitter Itself as a Tool

Maybe the most obvious place to find out about trending hashtags is Twitter itself. It is easy to use and can provide the most accurate information on a given subject. Twitter can also show you “tailored trends” for each user according to where they are and who they follow. The only flaw is that Twitter gives you only a small part of the top trending topics. So, if you want to look for more hashtags, you should supplement your efforts with other tools.

4. RiteTag to Discover Hashtag Popularity

With RiteTag, you can track your current hashtags, find new ones, as well as find the best suitable hashtags for your images and text. RiteTag has its Chrome extension which you can use to highlight text and get hashtag suggestions by right-clicking on an image. When you do a hashtag search via RiteTag, it organizes the results so you can see which hashtags will boost your tweet visibility and which hashtags are less popular.

5. Socialert for Tracking Hashtag Campaigns

Socialert is perfect for individual users and small businesses. You can do free searches for seven days to analyze up to 300 tweets until the tool asks you to pay for an upgrade. With Socialert,  you can see geographic data, hashtag reach, and impression rate. If you decide to get a paid version of Socialert, then you will also get historical data, influencer tracking, in-depth analytics, and search filters.

6. Tweet Archivist for Real-Time Data

Another free hashtag research tool for hashtags. Tweet Archivist provides real-time data to its users, and with the free version, you will be able to see top URLs associated with the hashtag, top associated words, languages used, influencer index, and user mentions. Once you decide to pay for a monthly subscription, you could receive three archives updated every hour and download data.

7. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is used for its exceptional visual interface. Use it to find relevant hashtags, but also to find out which influencers are using the hashtag. That will enable you to get more information about the reach of that specific hashtag as well as details about its scope in different geographic areas and languages.

Hashtags on Twitter are crucial for a successful Twitter marketing campaign, and with these tools, you can find the right hashtag to use for your business.

What tool or combination of tools you’ll use depends on your needs. And it’s also important to plan out a good strategy since hashtags are one of the critical elements for successful Twitter marketing. Free versions and trials of the mentioned tools can help you decide whether if you want to invest and how much, but if you’re going to expand your marketing, even more, you should dig deeper.


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