If You Run a Small Business, Beware of These 4 Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is essential to growing a business. In the US alone, marketers spent $10 billion on content.

Companies use marketing to build awareness, expand presence, boost sales and engage customers. Whether you run a brick and mortar business or a web-based firm, you’ll always need to allocate a considerable part of your overall budget to marketing. But success in marketing isn’t just about creating a roadmap and doing the right thing.

What’s even more important is to know and understand what to do and what to avoid. It requires a lot of experience and deep knowledge of the niche or industry you operate in. Otherwise, you’ll be prone to making marketing mistakes that will put your entire business at risk.

Below, you’ll find four marketing mistakes that you can’t afford to make – especially if you are a small business or a startup.

1. Retargeting Every Website Visitor

You can’t retarget everyone who visits your website. That’s one of the common mistakes most small businesses make. 

Your website traffic constitutes of visitors of varied intent. Each of your visitors is not necessarily a buyer. Some visitors may just want to collect information around a particular topic. There are others who browse your website but are not actually ready to buy. And, therefore, you can’t and shouldn’t try to sell to everyone that arrives at your website.

Instead, you should analyze the intent of people visiting your website and put them under different categories, a tactic termed as segmentation. Focus on key metrics like time spent on site, pages visited, product category viewed and then retarget appropriately.

2. Ignoring Social Media Marketing

No effective marketing plan can exclude social media marketing. Facebook is about to reach 2 billion active users per month. Other social media platforms too are witnessing a huge growth in usage.

All of it means that you can’t ignore social media marketing, if you plan to boost your marketing and grow. But the sad part is that 68% of small businesses are still ignoring social media. Don’t make this mistake. Plan out a social media strategy and incorporate it into your overall marketing plan without wasting anymore time. If you lack the time to do it yourself, consult a marketing agency or a social media expert and get it done.

Just remember to start small and focus only on those social media channels that are frequented by your target audience.

3. Not Leveraging User-Generated Content

You must have assigned a part of your marketing budget to content creation. But that alone is usually not enough.

Understand the potential of user-generated content and leverage it to take your content marketing to new heights. Do you remember the ‘Share a Coke’campaign launched by Coca Cola? Through the use of ‘personalized bottles’, the company made the entire world go crazy. Customers loved to share their photos on social media savoring their drink with personalized coke bottles. This is just one example of a user-generated content campaign.

Done right, a user-generated content campaign can rebrand your company and generate tons of revenue.

4. Not Using Data Tactically

Data-based marketing yields a great ROI. Almost every marketer is aware of this but still they aren’t doing it right.

How you use data to structure your strategies is what matters the most. Maybe, you’re already collecting data on consumer behavior and engagement. But you need to know how to use it well. Learn how to organize and analyze data and apply it to boost your marketing efforts. To achieve it, you’ll need a good team and the right tools you are well-versed with.


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