Acquiring New Clients for Your Services by Demonstrating Value

Do buyers feel good when they purchase enthusiastically out of their own free will? Or do they like being chased and convinced before they decide to buy? Using a consultative approach is better than using pressure tactics.

Unlike physical products which can be seen, touched and tried, services are intangible, at least during the selling phase. But they are similar as well because they both provide a solution to a client’s problem or need.

Selling services can be a breeze when we yearn to be useful to a client and can genuinely add value to them to fulfill their needs and overcome their problems. But first the client must be sure that you can deliver, and this is what selling is all about – understanding their requirements and pain points, and then demonstrating that you have the expertise and experience to resolve them.

So how do we generate enthusiasm in our clients and attract them to avail our services?

Here are some simple steps:

Identify the problem

Listening skills come into play here. Active listening and reading between the lines increase your chances of identifying your client’s problem and requirement accurately and comprehensively.

Listening must be accompanied by asking insightful questions, to get all the relevant information, and to understand why the client is unable to resolve his problem and needs external help.

And then, with your capabilities, you identify and define the problem, setting the stage for the next phase where you demonstrate your value.

Design a solution

Decide on the various ways you can help the client acquire what they are in search of. Then engage with them to spell out the options and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each. Customers like it when they have choices to make and are the decision maker. If they are unable to decide, then you can give them your recommendation.

Use this opportunity to demonstrate your value by giving innovative suggestions for the options you have proposed. There should be a “wow” response from the client as he starts seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Tell enough to build trust and confidence, but do not reveal your entire solution.

When someone wants to know more and asks questions, they are attracted to what you can do for them. Handle objections by providing information in a confident and polite tone, till they have nothing more to ask. This is when you pull out the next card to close the sale.

Make an offer

Outline the impact of what your services can do for them to overcome the challenges they are struggling with. Make an offer to ask for business, mentioning the effort required, the schedule, the dependencies from the client, and the pricing. For clients who negotiate, show flexibility in the approach without compromising on the outcome. The price reflects the value you provide, and this is something you should be firm about.

In summary, acquiring new clients is about focusing on recognizing the problems, demonstrating capability in resolving them, and then presenting your solution and offer.


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