7 Benefits of Guest Blogging

One of the many excellent online marketing strategies that can benefit your business in so many ways is guest blogging. It entails publishing written content on other websites, and it’s a common practice in digital marketing. When you post an article (with a link back to your site) on someone else’s website or blog, you will increase your organic traffic which will, in turn, improve your search engine rankings.

So, to spread your brand’s message around and win the trust of your audience, start sending some fresh, authentic, and relevant content to other blogs that are related to your industry. If you’re still not sure how it can benefit your business, take a look at a few sound reasons why you should guest blog.

1. Improve Your Authority

A robust online authority means a world to modern online marketing because it’s what builds trust with your audience. It is difficult to attract and convert prospects if they don’t trust you, regardless of how good your content is. That’s why contributing to other authoritative sites is an opportunity to prove your credibility as a reliable source of information. When your audience realizes that their trusted brand recognizes you, they will be more receptive to your content.

2. Instant Exposure

Don’t use only any exposure but use exposure which is relevant to your targeted audience. Having a blog post published on another blog will tickle your audience’s interest to increase your site traffic. That can potentially translate into increased sales, but only if you add CTAs, optimize your site’s landing pages, and a few other things that will boost your site conversion.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Guest blogging is a chance to reach to your target audience through other websites and blogs, and one crucial aspect of it is building your brand awareness. Old methods, such as ads, don’t do the trick with the Millennial audience, and you won’t have any customers if they don’t know that your business exists.

4. Boost Social Media Following and Shares

Guest blogging can boost your follower count, speed up your lead generation efforts, and increase the number of social media shares to your content. When an official blog publishes your blog post, they are vouching for your brand, making you look good in their followers’ eyes. It makes it easier to get their followers to follow your on social media as well.

Another way to extend your online reach is by generating social media shares because the more shares your content gets, the more trustworthy it will appear to your audience. If the blog you’re posting to has a lot of social media activity, shares will come naturally.

You can add some visual content, such as infographics, to get the ball rolling faster. Infographics are linkable, shareable, memorable, and easy to digest.

5. Grow Your Network

With guest blogging, it’s never been easier to connect with influencers. Some sites that accept guest blogs foster their community of contributors, so you may get the chance to take part in discussions where contributors brainstorm topics for further blog posts. It is an opportunity to collaborate for co-authored posts, seek partnership opportunities (from expert interviews, reviews, to content cross-promotion). Be active in the community, share others’ posts, leave comments, and ask others to write guest posts for your blog.

6. Backlinks

Websites and blogs that accept guest posts have a policy about adding links to the content you wish to publish. But as most of them don’t offer monetary compensation for your work, most of them allow contributors to add at least one link (a keyword-optimized link or brief brand mention). That will benefit your SEO by making your content more indexable and discoverable to Google.

7. Improve Your Content Marketing Craftsmanship

To be successful with guest blogging, it requires you to dive into every area of content marketing – content research, finding and using the right voice for a specific audience, do influencer outreach, etc. Deploying content marketing tactics is the best way to learn them; because you can’t just read about them, gather theoretical knowledge, and hope for the best. You can improve your skills only through their practical use.

Generating qualified leads, getting useful feedback from the community, and shortening the sales cycle are also benefits of guest blogging. There’s no doubt that it’s a substantial step towards your online marketing success, and merely because your blog post is on someone else’s website doesn’t mean it’s not serving a purpose. Even though it’s not on your website or blog, people will be able to see your stamp. Give it a try and see if you can make it work for you.


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