Benefits of Having a Facebook Location Page

Never underestimate the power of local SEO. In today’s age, businesses with multiple locations encounter problems regarding maintaining their consistency in marketing and online presence. When trying to maintain control of all your company’s online information, creating, editing, and managing different location pages can be a pain.

Companies can have several pages on Facebook that are not officially associated with them, thanks to misspellings, check-ins from users, and auto-generated information (also known as “rogue” pages.) But Facebook has come up with a solution for all the companies who are facing the “rogue” pages issue or want to maintain multiple locations in an easier way. It’s Facebook Locations.

What is the Facebook Locations Feature?

Facebook Locations is a management feature that utilizes a parent-child organizational structure for company pages. The “parent” page is the main brand identity, while “child” pages are pages for each local store location. The admins of the “parent” can manage all child pages, but admins of the “child” pages are responsible only for their pages. If you happen to visit a brand that utilizes the Location feature, there will be “Locations” in their page menu, and provide you with a map showing nearby locations. Just click on a marker, and it will take you to the page of that particular store.

Benefits of Having a Facebook Locations Page

1. Local Business Pages are Important to Facebook

According to this 2017 study, about 25 times more impressions happen on local pages compared to brand Facebook pages. It is because local pages carry the recommendations and reviews that customers want and they contain location-specific information (such as working hours and address.) Besides, consumers find local content to be more relevant. That’s why Facebook places enormous importance on local Facebook pages as they play a crucial role in helping businesses reach local audiences.

2. Centralized Marketing and Messaging

The feature allows brands to centralize their Facebook marketing. Users with access to a brand account can also access and manage the location pages, and that makes posting content and tweaking messaging a lot easier. Location pages are automatically linked to the cover photo of the central account, even though they can have their unique profile photos.

3. Improve Local SEO

Facebook Locations positively affect your local SEO, because the reviews from a location page can show up in the Google Knowledge Panel when people search for your location. That means that, by having different location pages, you will expand the pool of reviews which Google can use to build search results.

4. Push Local Content

You can push content that has been tailored to suit the timeline for each location page. The local-focus of location pages can boost timeline engagement by as much as 50%.

5. Eliminate Duplicate Listings

The duplicate and “rogue” pages that are created by users are common concerns about Facebook marketing for brands with multiple locations. However, Facebook Locations allows you to claim, manage, and delete all the troublesome listings from the platform.

6. Easy to Use

Facebook Locations is cheap to run and free to set up. On the one hand, you’re creating more pages to satisfy the needs of local customers, while on the other side, you’re doing yourself a huge favor when it comes to time management and your budget. If you had to market for each location separately, it would cost you more and take up more of your time. With a centralized system like Facebook Locations, you’re able to reach the local audience faster and cheaper.

7. Gather Insights Specific to Each Location

If you want to generate awareness for a particular site, location-based Facebook ads are a great tool! The insights and data from those ads can be of great value, especially if you have separate location pages because you can determine how people connect with your brand in different locations. Also, you can find out how people respond to content in certain areas, how to improve it to be highly local and grow your audiences by providing them with content that’s more relevant to them.

If your business needs a lot of location-specific content because your company has stores in several regions or markets, you’re ready to use Facebook Locations. If your business has many unclaimed pages for local stores, you need Facebook Locations. This tool will be of great value to your multiple-location business, especially if you have someone “on the spot” at each location who will manage the location pages, while you provide them with local marketing strategies and hyper-local content.

What are location pages on Facebook?

With the Store Locations option, Facebook helps businesses that have more locations. You can make one Page with multiple store Pages. Always make sure you keep your info updated to help your future customers and to get more store visits and store sales.

How does Facebook location work?

First, you need to turn on your Locations Services on the device that you are using Facebook. Your Location History is an option that allows Facebook to create a history of your locations received through Location Services on your mobile/tablet devices.

How do you see business hours on Facebook?

Having business hours shown on your Facebook Page is crucial for your local business. To add them to your page you have to click on Edit Page Info than choose the Hours tab and add your hours.

How do I change my Facebook Page URL?

You can change your Facebook Page URL only once and to do it, you have to take a few steps. Go to your admin panel and from there go to Edit Page, Update Info, Basic Information, and Change Username.


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