6 Great Tools Used to Analyze Twitter Marketing and Content

Do you analyze your Twitter marketing and content? If not, why not? By doing so, you can understand your Twitter audience and content much better and improve your Twitter marketing campaigns. With the right Twitter analytics tools, you’ll know where and how you can improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

In this post, we will present you with several great tools you could use to analyze your Twitter account. Some of them are overall analytics tools while others specialize in particular areas. Which tools will benefit you the most depend on the type of Twitter campaigns you want to run – maybe you’ll need only one or perhaps a combination of several tools. Let’s dive in to see what features these tools have to offer.

1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter native analytics tool is a great way to start if you’re a beginner and are not ready to pay for a premium solution tool. You can use it to determine the personality of your Twitter audience to find out what kind of content they want to see. Enter the analytics dashboard by clicking on your profile picture and selecting Analytics from the menu. Go to the Audiences tab and take a look at the information about your audiences, such as their occupation, gender, interests, and household income. To see the country, region, and language go to the Demographics tab or check out the Lifestyle tab if you want to know their overall interests. The Consumer Behavior section will show you what kind of goods they’ve bought in the past and what credit cards they hold.

2. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is a tool that can provide more advanced data about you and your competitors’ followers (audiences similar to those you also want to attract.) You can find out account’s follower counts, social authority, the most frequently used words in their bio section, the times at which their followers have been active, and the exact location of followers. The data can further be used for creating personas and empathy maps, making a picture of your ideal consumer and the kind of content they want.

3. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can determine engagement and CTR on past Tweets. That allows you to review your existing content and find out what brings the most interactions, helping you to know what topics or type of content will drive traffic to your website. Go to your Google Analytics dashboard, click Acquisition, Social, and Network Referrals. In the list of the referring social networks, click Twitter to see the web pages Twitter audiences visit the most. As for the most shared content, use the data from your social sharing tool.

4. Keyhole

Content shouldn’t be posted randomly but at optimal posting times. Keyhole will help you find this out. Besides providing standard account growth metrics and options for tracking Tweets in real-time. There is a 3-day trial available to check out the program as well as free Twitter analytics tools you can use without even signing up. Free tools include live trackers for URLs, keywords, accounts, and hashtags. If you want to track your twitter campaign in real-time, be sure to check out Keyhole.

5. Simply Measured

Do you know your Tweets are contributing to your marketing funnel? Simply Measured is a tool that offers tracked results that can help you create a better marketing campaign. For example, it can give you a competitor comparison report for an insight into the strategies that are working for them. You can also get details about your Tweets and ways they are leading to web conversions. Simply Measured is a social analytics tool that integrates all social media platforms, so that you can tie all your platforms together for a social media marketing campaign.

6. Smarp

Smarp tool will help you execute an employee advocacy program, which helps you collect more data on the type of content your target audience craves. When your employees share the same content, you’ll get a more useful and diverse data set. Smarp allows managers to post content for team members to share, and they can access and share it from their Smarp dashboard. On the other hand, Smarp’s analytics helps you track the performance of individual employee’s shares and the performance of individual posts on Twitter (as well as other social channels.)

These tools are among the most important ones you’ll need for analyzing your Twitter marketing and content. We hope that we helped you to narrow down what you need and are looking for in Twitter analytics, as well as where to begin your research. Be sure to take a look at the free tools and trial versions before you pay for a premium.


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