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Instagram keeps surprising us with its regular upgrades and new features, which result in marketers to quickly explore them and find the best ways to utilize the platform for their purposes. Instagram is not only good for getting more followers and likes. You can use it to grow your business by taking the relationship with your followers to another level. However, in spite of social media’s roaring success, email marketing remains as one of the most effective ways of establishing an active and ongoing relationship with your customers.

For those who don’t know, Instagram can be used to grow your email list and augment your email marketing strategy. In this post, we will introduce you to the ways of making it happen, but first, let’s see what the purposes and benefits are of having an email list.

Why do You Even Need an Email List?

A successful email marketing strategy doesn’t include sending emails to random people and expecting to see tremendous results. But you do want results, because according to research, for every $1 invested in your email strategy, you get a return of up to $44.

Email lists are the backbone of successful email campaigns, so building a targeted mailing list needs to be your top priority. Otherwise, no unique value propositions, engaging copies, or brilliant design will help you. When building a quality email list, you should focus on:

  • Quality
  • Relevance
  • Volume

You want emails from real people who regularly check their emails. Next, they should be interested in your industry and brand. Once you get the quality and relevance in check, start focusing on increasing the quantity.

If you’re using Instagram to grow your business, you can never control how many followers you’ll have. However, what you can do is to capture the emails of your existing followers. That way, you can build a small community that’s concentrated around your brand, which is the primary purpose of making your email list. Leverage the power of Instagram to grow it, and eventually to boost your sales and popularize your brand.

1. Create Powerful Lead Magnets

No matter if they do like what you have to offer, people won’t give you their email addy just like that. You need to give them something in return to motivate them. Otherwise, your email marketing strategy won’t gain any traction. These motivational contents are known as lead magnets, and they come in many forms, such as videos, discounts, downloadable content, and exclusive previews. If you want to have success with your lead magnet, it must be something that your targeted market lacks and is easily accessible. It can be a contest or a giveaway that requires users to register with their email address.

2. Make a Custom Landing Page

Once you’re done creating your lead magnets, you’ll need a place where people can acquire all that free stuff – a custom landing page for your Instagram followers. They will need to leave Instagram to sign up for something, so that process needs to be as comfortable as possible. By creating a custom landing page, you will ensure that your potential customers won’t need to search the web to find out where to sign up.

A custom landing page allows you to communicate better with your followers because it directly connects to your Instagram profile via a link in your Instagram Bio or a promoted post. Once you direct your potential prospects to a sign-up form, you get the opportunity to grab their emails and add them to your email list.

3. Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Since the only place where you can put a hyperlink on Instagram is your Bio, you should use it wisely. Your Bio needs to represent you and your brand in the best possible ways. On the other hand, if you’re using your Bio to acquire email addresses, it should include a CTA with a link to your mailing list sign up form. Your CTA needs to communicate clearly on why your visitors should click on the link, as well as what they are going to get when they do. Your Bio can also include a homepage link, but that will be effective only if you add a link to the landing page for signup.

Instagram is one of the best social networks used for marketing. It can do wonders for increasing engagement with your potential customers, which is the most important goal of any marketing campaign. However, it’s not its only purpose in marketing. Instagram is also useful for growing your email list. Make sure that you publish content that’s useful, entertaining, and valuable to your followers, and you will have no trouble making that long email list.


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