Growing Followers on Your Instagram Account after their Recent Algorithm Changes

Instagram is one of the most important social media platforms in the world today. And how do they achieve that? By keeping their users active as long as possible. And how they do that? Well, they don’t – brands, influencers, and public personalities do. Therefore, Instagram changes its algorithm along with the changes in behavior and interest of the audience. If you have noticed a significant drop in the number of new followers, engagement, and impressions (like we all did), you should know that Instagram 2019 algorithm is to blame.

Why did they change it? Like any other business, Instagram wants to make money, and to do that – they should remain relevant and keep users active, and it favors accounts that can keep their followers as engaged as possible. But our question is – what can we do to grow our Instagram follower count after these algorithm changes?

     1. Post More Videos

According to the new algorithm, Instagram doesn’t emphasize video unless your followers prioritize video. That means that users who never pause to watch videos in their feed will see fewer of them. But the truth is – people watch videos. According to Hootsuite, there is an 80% increase year-over-year. That is why the algorithm keeps finding more videos for video-loving users to view. Post on IGTV, as a Story, or go Live to increase the time your audience spends with each post.

     2. Post More Often

In the past, posting more than once a day was considered risky because nobody wanted to be annoying. Now, to diversify what users see, the Instagram algorithm breaks up multiple photos. That way, your followers most probably won’t even notice the increase in content. If you think that you can increase both the quantity and quality of your posts – do it. If the material is engaging and relevant, they will hit the like button. To manage an increase in posting volume, hire a social media agency to run your profiles or find yourself a useful social media scheduling tool.

     3. Use Hashtags

Use hashtags and use them correctly! What is the purpose of a hashtag? It’s to make a post accessible to people who don’t follow you but show interest in your area of expertise. Misusing hashtags will make your brand look slimy and desperate. You will appear like someone who will do anything for a few followers, even if it means targeting the wrong audience. Take a look at this guide on how to use Instagram hashtags for business to get a clearer picture of what you need to do.

     4. Run an Instagram contest or giveaway

Running an Instagram contest or giveaway is still one of the quickest ways to increase your follower count and boost engagement while staying at peace with the algorithm. This strategy requires a bit of preparation – you need to decide on your goals, set the contest rules, choose the prizes, and promote the contest. A simple giveaway that features your product or service will be enough, to begin with, and you will grow your followers, boost engagement, and appear more human in the eyes of your followers.

    5. Post When Your Followers are Online

The current algorithm favors recent posts. Therefore, you should pay attention to post when your audience is online. Analyze the performance of your posts to find out when they generated the most engagement and proceed to publish future posts at this time. Take a look at the Hubspot Instagram cheat sheet to see the best times for posting on Instagram, try it out, test, measure, and see what works best for your brand.

     6. Build Relationships Authentically

How to build relationships authentically on Instagram? If you are creating a personal brand, then represent yourself. When you are making a brand, decide on your brand voice and address your audience in that way. Chat with people in the comments, write compelling captions, answer and ask questions, and like and comment on other people’s posts. The Instagram algorithm will promote your posts to users who already have a relationship with you.

     7. Remind people to turn on notifications

Remind them casually to turn on their notifications, and the algorithm will perceive your brand as an essential in the Instagram community. Also, people who turn on their alerts will engage more often with all your posts and will see more of the material you post.

In the end, making your posts interesting, entertaining, valuable, and informative (in other words: relevant and incredible content), Instagram’s algorithm will promote your content, raising your brand visibility, and growing the number of your followers. If your engagement and content-creation skills have plateaued, then it is time to change your methods. Learn to use some new tools or hire a professional photographer, videographer, animator, or graphic designer to help you out create something better for your brand.


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