How to Choose the Right Social Network for Your Business?

Choosing the right social network for your business may not be as easy as one may initially think. Sure, you can start by creating accounts for your company on all the top social networks out there, but who will manage them?

Being present on all the leading social media platforms is not a bad thing if you’re sure that you have a social media manager to take charge and to handle your brand’s online presence. However, if you’re just starting off, you should limit yourself to the key social networks relevant to your business.

Even if you’re a big company, you will always have a stronger focus on some platforms as opposed to others, depending on where your clients and potential clients can be found.

How do I start finding the right social network?

Everything begins with research. Try to see the metrics for each social network. What do their demographics look like? Who are the people present on their platform? What do they like to do? Where do they live? How much time do they spend online?

All these questions will offer you the much-needed answers in developing your social media strategy. Not only that, but they will point to a clear direction on what social network hosts your key audience.

What are the top social networks to take into consideration?

At first, you will need to start with the top 4 titans of social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Sure, YouTube is right up there with these four, but it’s focused strictly on video content, making the platform usable for niche categories of business, mostly in the creative fields.

Facebook is all focused on building long-term relationships with your audience and requires a lot of time put into digital communication efforts. Be sure to constantly engage with your audience, because the social network’s algorithms will easily mark you as less relevant if your fans and followers don’t interact with your updates.

Twitter is very important if you want to communicate short, straight to the point updates, likes breaking news, or if you want to live stream events (this is where Youtube is also highly recommended!). Twitter allows you to post fast updates before offering more generous content on your blog and other social networks. It’s a good place to keep your audience informed in real-time, before you start giving them more details.

LinkedIn is the way to go, especially if you’re thinking of having a more B@B (business 2 business) approach for your company. It’s the easiest place to target people based on their profession and their industry. It’s easy to stay connected with top players in your field, and also a good place to keep an eye on your competition. Don’t count this social network out.

Instagram & YouTube are niche platforms focused on visual content. This can really bring a lot of attention to your brand, because they’re the fastest-growing social networks online. If you’re planning on choosing to work with visuals, which is highly recommended, be sure to choose high-quality images and videos. This will make your company stand out from the crowd. Try to avoid generic stock photos and videos, because most users can spot them a mile away.

What to do after you have chosen the most suitable social network?

No matter the social network you decided to choose for your company, one thing’s certain – Be consistent, be constant! It’s always recommended to constantly update your social networks, because otherwise, you’ll give the impression that your brand is fading away.

Keep things interesting with fresh content whenever you post and don’t forget to engage with your audience.

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