How to Convert LinkedIn Prospects into Sales

Leaning towards perfectionism will only put more pressure on you and make you feel like you’re not doing your job correctly. We don’t live in an ideal world, where your marketing endeavors would feed your sales an endless stream of qualified leads. When it comes to lead generation and conversion, there will always be peaks and valleys, but marketers should know that they can take the matter into their hands and do more to drive their conversions.

LinkedIn has reached 575 million members, and with it being a professional network, it is a great place to encourage engagement and increase brand awareness. It also drives conversions and increases overall sales.

How Come LinkedIn is so Powerful?

In today’s digital world, the traditional sales model doesn’t find its place because sales demos, email pitches, and cold calls don’t cut it. Social selling is now a more intuitive way of influencing sales. What puts LinkedIn ahead of the rest is that it’s a massive network of business professionals. On LinkedIn, business is the natural order of things. Unlike other systems, such as Twitter or Facebook, the objective here is unmistakable – people are expecting to connect with others for business.

Let’s take a look at your options for boosting your prospect conversion on LinkedIn.

1. Combine Sponsored Content Campaigns and Text Ads

With Direct Sponsored Content, you can test your ads, direct the clickthrough to any of your web pages, and track your conversion performance. However, Text Ads are typically glossed over, but they can also be powerful drivers of conversion.

Text Ads are only shown to users on desktop computers. They have lower CPM and CPC costs than DSC ads and Sponsored Content. The LinkedIn Insights tag ,conversion tracking, supports text Ads and can be run together with Sponsored Content. It allows you to test different headlines, images, body copy, and destinations.

2. Reach Back to Lost Visitors via Retargeting Campaigns

You’re putting in some hard work and resources to get qualified prospects to visit your website. However, sites typically convert at single digit conversion rates, meaning that the majority of your visitors leave without taking any actions.

Lost prospects can be enticed to come back and make a purchase by reaching to them again via InMail, Sponsored Content, and Text retargeting campaigns.

Website retargeting on LinkedIn is an easy first start. You should make sure that you have the LinkedIn Insights Tag placed around your whole site. Select Matched Audiences by navigating to the tools drop down, and then click on Create an Audience to Retarget. Next, you need to create visitor audience segments according to which web page they viewed and use the audiences as your ad campaign’s custom target.

3. Mobile Conversion Flow Optimization

Mobile usage has beaten desktop, laptop, and tablet usage long ago. And according to SmartInsights, app usage dominates browsers in mobile usage (about 90% of the time.) LinkedIn is no exception, and there’s a steady increase in the adoption of the LinkedIn app by LinkedIn’s users. It has become a prevailing trend, with some marketers getting the most out of their clickthroughs from smartphones in Sponsored Content Campaigns. That tells us that mobile conversion experience plays one of the significant roles when it comes to turning LinkedIn prospects into sales.

To convert mobile traffic, you have two options – make your landing page mobile responsive and use lead gen forms.

To make your landing page mobile responsive, render a mobile-friendly version of your landing page, test different CTAs, be clear with your copy, make sure the page loads quickly, and slim down your forms for typing on mobile.

As for the Lead Gen Forms, this (relatively new) mobile experience allows your visitors to enter their information right within the ad in their post feed. You can create the form without the need for development or creative resources and allow prospects to skip the whole landing page experience.

4. Add Compelling CTAs to Your Content

LinkedIn Pulse allows marketers to take their content marketing directly to LinkedIn and to collect highly qualified leads and drive traffic to their websites. To know what content performs best on LinkedIn, you can use Buzzsumo – type in in the search bar, and you’ll see which posts get the most social shares. Of course, don’t focus only on creating those kinds of content, but mix them up.

A good CTA should stand at the end of every piece of your content. To find out more about how to create the perfect CTA, take a look at this guide by Neil Patel.

Getting people to engage with your content and eventually make a purchase is a tough job, but it won’t bring you long-term success if you don’t keep in touch with those who have already engaged with your content. Keep communicating with both potential and buying prospects to nurture them as leads. It is an essential step when it comes to converting prospects into sales.


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