How to Create Meaningful Content Through Social Media

We live in the time of overwhelming social media presence in our daily lives. The competition for our attention can be so stiff that only the strongest voices don’t get drowned out. So how to create meaningful content through social media – the kind people will like and share with their friends?

Learn What Meaningful Content Really Is

Are you getting crickets on your social media posts despite pouring immense amounts of effort into them? If so, then you have failed to strike a chord with your target audience. No worries, it’s not the end of the world – you can easily adjust your approach. First you need to know who you’re writing for, because only relevant content is meaningful content. What does that mean in practice? Even the best content on any given topic won’t gain traction if the target audience isn’t interested in that topic.

Those are the basics from which you can dig deeper. Your next step is to find out what type of content resonates with your target audience the most. To do that, you can experiment with a couple of different approaches and use analytics to gauge your success. When you find a winning formula, refine it further until you really understand who you’re making content for.

Think About How You Use Social Media

You can gain a lot of insight about an average social media user just by observing your own habits. What motivates you to share digital content? Many people use social media in order to get social approval. There are a number of ways to do that, from supporting a good cause to entertaining people with good video content.

The most important trait of social media is how easy it is for people to communicate. That’s a huge potential advantage for your business, if you learn how to leverage it. You want people to have conversations on your posts, because it creates natural engagement which is priceless. If your content is thought-provoking, it will not only prompt your social media followers to share, but to comment as well.

Adjust to Different Social Media Networks

Not every social media network will serve your purpose. Visual content is prominent and most engaging everywhere, but the rest varies. Also, perhaps your target audience spends more time on Twitter or Instagram than Facebook. That’s also something to research and keep in mind.

The main takeaway here is to be flexible and to familiarize yourself with how different social media networks tick. Then you will be able to “find your tribe” and cater to their needs. Knowing these differences is important, but don’t forget what all social media share: interactivity. Always try to capitalize on that by creating content that asks a question or has a call to action.

Aim to Help Your Followers Attain Tangible Results

Whether it is through a product you’re selling or by sharing tips, your followers need to walk away with tangible value. Tutorials are a great way of achieving that, and they are video-friendly, which is a win for visibility, too. However, it doesn’t have to be tutorials, as long as you can become a part of their lives in some way.

If your followers gain results by doing what you told them, you’ll turn them into loyal fans. If your posts make their day, they’ll turn to your page for a pick-me-up. Possibilities are limitless, and every single one of them means better engagement and a larger following for you.

Keep Your Message in Mind and Be Unique

Knowing where your target audience consumes information is one thing, but figuring out what to show them is another. That will depend on what your ultimate goal is. Ideally, you will align your brand message with your chosen medium.

This is where your mission becomes important, because it allows you to put your own spin on the topic you’re covering. Instead of reproducing content your followers can already find elsewhere, try being unique and true to your brand. Alternatively, study other brands and their most successful posts – odds are you’ll get some ideas to adjust to your own needs.

Recapping How to Write Meaningful Content Through Social Media

Unifying all these tips into a strategy is no small task. You need to:

  • figure out who you’re writing for and what they want,
  • give them value and results,
  • use every social network to its advantages, and
  • stay relatable and unique.

These tips will certainly help you get your social media content strategy to a new level, so make use of them!


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