How to Increase Leads and Drive More Sales With LinkedIn Social Selling?

Upon hearing the phrase ‘social media’, most people first think of cat videos, family photos, some leisurely program, topical news, that sort of stuff.

Surely, when it comes to the type of feed you can expect on social media, people don’t really expect there being that much space for business. But that’s the catch.

With a right set of eyes, you’ll see that social media offers plenty of room for promotion of goods and services. What’s more, there’s even a social media platform dedicated entirely to connecting different business people and possibly the companies they represent.

The name’s LinkedIn, a social network that can help you find new clients, business partners, and promote your company in a variety of ways.

In this article, we’ll talk about LinkedIn Social Selling and how it can help you secure more leads and with it, more sales.

What is LinkedIn’s Social Selling?

Simply put, social selling refers to the act of using your social media account (in this case your LinkedIn profile) to achieve your marketing goals.

Whether it’s increasing sales, lead generation, or simply sharing content on LinkedIn to get more exposure, it all falls into the category of social selling. Of course, that’s not all.

In actuality, social selling is a pretty complex skill that needs to be learned and nurtured. It encompasses the acts of establishing a brand, attracting customers, making deals with them and addressing any potential issues; all as a part of a single strategy!

Here’s how a Social Selling-Based Marketing Campaign Should Play Out

1) Creating a Personal Brand

And by ‘creating a personal brand’, we mean on LinkedIn in particular. Even if you may already have a developed personal brand outside the platform, you may still need to represent it all anew when you join LinkedIn.

As is the case with any other social media network, creating a personal brand would involve talking about yourself, your skills and experience, showing yourself in the best light, as well as supporting your online image visually with photos or videos.

2) Connecting with Prospects

The magic of LinkedIn is the fact that you can find the right people for your business much easier than with other social networks.

While finding a person with similar interests and business ideas on Facebook might only come as a result of a wild stab in the dark, with LinkedIn this comes naturally.

Once your professional-looking profile has attracted some interesting leads and you begin receiving and sending connection requests. You can start building relationships by engaging in conversation with your prospects. Sooner or later, you’ll strike a great deal you can be proud of, there’s no doubt about it.

3) Gaining Authority in Your Field

This goes along with creating your personal brand. The thing is, in order to develop a trusted relationship with a customer, you need to come across as someone trustworthy to begin with.

To get there, you’ll need to display your knowledge on the topics that are of interest to you and in turn, associated with your personal brand. By posting your unique insights on key topics this will start generating an interest in the people who see you via LinkedIn.

Post about a recent development in your niche market, or explain something to your audience by making a how-to guide. Do this and not only will your personal brand’s authority raise sky high, but you’ll also be able to educate yourself about the newest trends in the subjects you identify with, and use that knowledge to further spread the message of your personal brand.

4) Finding Clients and Building Lasting Relationships

If you’ve taken the effort to build up your social media campaign, you’ll be on the right track toward securing deals with your new customers.

Whether they approach you first or you make the initial step, connecting with a client through your LinkedIn account is going to be the first step of your cooperation.

As you progress with your joint project, you’ll start building stronger business relationships. This, really, is no wonder. If people see that you’re skillful and keep your word, they’re going to want to work with you again.

What’s more, they’re going to tell other people they know all about it. In this way, your business will be able to grow and you’ll expand your LinkedIn network more and more.

The New Sales Model – the ‘New Deal’ of LinkedIn’s Social Selling!

New platforms for building a brand inevitably bring about new ways of approaching the customer.

In the old days of email marketing, for example, the marketing process would go down thus:

Use the so-called cold calls. →  Obtain some leads. → Seal the deal with a serving of cold emails.

Nowadays, thanks to the proliferation of social media venues, things are done a little bit differently. Here’s how a typical process might go:

Use social media as the place to connect with people. → Make your case through your posts and profile information. Strive to educate your audience → After you’ve secured a contact, approach the interested people and further cooperate until striking a deal.


All things considered, it’s much better to enable your sales reps to work with a customer who’s already interested thanks to your long-run campaign, than leaving them to struggle on their own. With LinkedIn, you’ll be able to turn your leads into snappy decision makers and boost your sales overnight!

To make the most of it, you might also want to get onboard with the LinkedIn’s very own advanced search tool – Sales Navigator. Your reps will be able to develop pitches and find leads much easier. Plenty of sales and a merry business-making guaranteed.


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