How to Make Your Instagram Feed Follow-Worthy

Advanced insights, Instagram Live, Direct Live Video Chat, and IGTV – Instagram is the fastest developing social media platform right now. They regularly roll out new upgrades to their platform, making it more engaging and exciting to their users, but also marketers who are studying Instagram’s algorithm and their users’ behavior to boost success with their promotions.

About 80 million photos and videos are posted to Instagram every single day, and the platform is proving over and over again that engagement through visual content is becoming more important to marketers. Brands that are dominating Instagram use well-crafted and consistent visuals, but with so many businesses competing for their portion of users’ attention – how do you stand out?

Strong Social is here to show you what you can do to make your Instagram feed follow-worthy.

1. Curating Your Instagram Feed

What you need is a publishing “rhythm,” or in other words, you need to plan out your publishing cadence well.

Start with effective photography. However you choose to get it (whether you’re buying high-quality stock photos or have a photographer that takes original shots), it should be great photography. You can choose to use a product as the main subject of a post or leave it in the background (as more of an accessory.) Each photo needs to be visually exciting and to embrace your brand’s values.

As for the graphical elements, you can drive engagement, awareness, and positive association with iconography and logos.

2. Use Your Brand’s Core Colors

Make your brand’s core colors prominent to make your Instagram feed stand out. Feature 1 or 2 of your core colors on every photo, but know that it can be challenging to make it happen if your products aren’t made in your brand’s core colors. The solution to this problem is to use consistent colored filters or using your brand’s core colors to set up space around the product being shot. Use the color replace tools in apps like VSCO or PicsArt to create a color-themed feed or replace a photo’s colors with the colors of your choice.

3. Great Typography and Fonts

First and foremost, good fonts are crucial when posting inspiring quotes on your Instagram feed. Certain fonts can infuse your Instagram (and other) content with personality and style as well as create deeper connections by tapping into the emotion of your highly engaged audience. If you’re going with original typography, don’t sacrifice practicality and usefulness for the sake of style. Make it expressive but don’t let it overpower your text. It needs to complement it.

4. Hashtags

Instagram is built as a visual platform, but that doesn’t mean that you should leave your captions unattended. Like on Twitter; Instagram users love a good hashtag. To gain followers organically and add relevancy to your brand, participate in trending hashtags or create and promote your unique branded hashtag. You can extend your brand’s reach and attract more attention to your Instagram with the strategic use of hashtags.

5. Regram

Grow followers and increase your brand presence on Instagram with the help of a professional photographer that will shoot your products. However, it’s not the only way. User-generated content is one of the most affordable, compelling, and authentic assets available to brands today. Inspire your followers to post brand-related photos and videos and add a specific hashtag so you can find the content easily. Then, share and repost these fan photos, you’ll generate more excitement and attention within your Instagram community. By doing this, you’ll give your customers recognition and thank them for being advocates of your brand.

6. Short Videos that Tell Stories

When it comes to Instagram videos, you have several options to choose from. You can create short but impactful videos (product presentation, how to videos, testimonials, or user-generated videos.) Instagram Live is for giving a glimpse of your brand’s behind-the-scenes, and even long-form videos (10-60 minutes) via IGTV. Some brands are killing it with creative short videos and manage to boost engagement among their followers. Be sure to use consistent colors and video filters, of course, to maintain a constant visual appeal.

People don’t look at your photos first when they visit your profile. They see your profile overall, which is why it’s important to plan out the look of your Instagram feed. What is the theme of your brand? What is the main message? Creating a good Instagram doesn’t have to be a challenge if you approach it the right way. Use these tips for making your Instagram feed follow-worthy, but also explore your competitors’ feeds to get some inspiration and fresh ideas.

What is an Instagram feed?

If you are just starting out using Instagram or already familiar with this Social Network you should first know some of the main terms and one of them is the Instagram Feed. This is the first thing that shows up when you start the app, it is the place where you can see all the posts, images and updates from the Instagram Accounts that you are following.

How to choose the right colors for my Instagram Page?

Every business needs to know what their key recognition assets are. One of the main assets that every business should have is their brand and brand colors. Starting from the website to the social media pages everything needs to align with the main brand and brand colors. Looking from that perspective your Instagram Page needs to be branded in the colors of your brand and not some color of the year that you like for some reason.

How do I use hashtags on Instagram?

There are two ways of using hashtags on Instagram. One is on Instagram Posts and the other is on Instagram Story. They both have the same function and that is to spread your content to a wider audience than the one that is currently following you. To find the best hashtags, you can use some tools online or do your research with the built-in Instagram Search option.

How long can Instagram videos be?

The maximum length of an Instagram video depends on the type of post. For Instagram posts, it is limited to 60 seconds and for Instagram Stories only 15 seconds. You can still upload a longer video on your story but Instagram will automatically split it in a few 15 seconds Stories to keep the same time restriction per story.


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