How to Maximize Your Social Media Presence on Twitter

Twitter was launched in 2006, and since then it has grown into a powerful social media platform and marketing platform. Thousands of brands from all around the world use it to engage with their audiences. It all began as a platform that allowed only 140-character posts, while now it allows 280 characters, and incorporates chats, polls, videos, and more.

Today, Twitter has almost 400 million users, which means that there are many potential prospects that you can attract, but also a lot of noise that you need to cut through to get more attention. Take a look at these tips on getting the attention you need and maximizing your Twitter presence.

1. Post More Visuals

Tweets that contain some type of visual content receive a lot more shares, likes, comments, and retweets than those without. The power of visual content grows stronger every day, so brands should aim to couple their tweets with appealing images and videos to encourage users to view their posts. You can also opt for infographics because they are shared 3 times more often than other types of images because they can be consumed quickly and can entertain and inform your audience the right way.

2. Use All Characters

Longer tweets are more engaging, according to research, so don’t be afraid to break that old 140-character habit and extend your tweets. It will improve your creativity, make your tweets more professional, and make your tweets stand out on the platform.

3. Tweet Often

The sweet spot for posting frequency on Twitter goes between 3 and 7 tweets per day for maximum engagement. But unlike Instagram or Facebook, your content strategy should be more aggressive when it comes to Twitter. Some brands even post up to 20 tweets per day. It won’t hurt your marketing strategy, so if you’re trying to decide between being reserved or posting more – opt for the latter. Use social scheduling software to queue up content regularly, and fill up your feed with fresh content to show your potential followers that you’re engaging, active, and worth following. Share personal updates, breaking news, interesting stats, infographics, industry articles, and retweet your followers’ tweets.

4. Tag, Retweet, and Reply

Yes, you schedule your tweets, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time sitting at your computer or staring at your smartphone. However, if you leave the job to your automation software entirely, your followers will notice that there is no human presence. That way, you risk losing your followers. Be present to engage with industry leaders, customers, and followers by tagging, replying, and retweeting to let them know that your Twitter profile is not run by bots.

5. Know Who to Follow

Increasing Twitter presence requires attracting the right people. However, savvy brands realize the value of following industry influencers and leaders. That can help you keep up to date on industry trends, audience interests, and conversations. You can learn a lot from their Twitter feeds (by seeing what works for them), but also increase your visibility by interacting with these professionals on a regular basis. Retweet their tweets along with your commentary, and once they notice that you recognized their expertise, they’re more likely to follow you back.

6. Twitter Polls

People love giving opinions and taking quizzes about all kinds of stuff. Businesses can use Twitter polls to get more information about their audience’s preferences and interests, identify the topics they like to discuss in Twitter Chat, and get feedback on their products or services. Creating Twitter polls is fairly easy, and they are also easily found if pinned to the top of your feed. And whenever your polls get retweeted, all responses from all the retweets are added into your totals. In a way, they are a kind of surveys for Twitter that can give you access to large data samples. Avoid running more than one Twitter poll per month and make sure there’s a goal for each one.

7. Use Hashtags

With some good Twitter hashtag research tools and Twitter analytics, you can find and use some popular hashtags or create a branded one to make your posts more searchable. Tweets with hashtags receive more engagement than those without, so sprinkle a few relevant hashtags over your tweets to increase the likelihood of potential followers finding your Twitter account. Just remember not to overuse them because that will make your posts look spammy.

8. Optimize Your Profile

This involves a few essentials, such as:

  • Profile photo. It needs to be a clean, unobstructed facial photo or a high-resolution brand logo.

  • Location information, industry keywords, and relevant tags. The information on your Twitter profile should show who are you, what you do, your job title, who you work with, and where you operate.

  • Personality. Don’t be too dry, formal, and corporate, because people like to engage with humanized brands. Give your audience a sense of who you are to convey your personality – thoughts, attitudes, and values.

Your current follower count alone doesn’t tell about your Twitter presence. You need to engage them in different ways, and Twitter offers excellent opportunities for that. To increase your Twitter presence and establish your social media credibility, think about using some (or all) of these proven methods for augmenting your efforts.


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