How to Target Potential Clients Through LinkedIn

You can’t run away from the fact that the Internet has moved into every aspect of our lives – it changed the way we communicate, it changed the way we buy groceries, and it even changed the way we do business. If you are in any business and you aren’t online, then you might as well quit while you are still ahead.

LinkedIn is living proof of the way the Internet has meddled in our business. The facts don’t lie, and research shows that around 77% of organizations use social media when it comes to recruiting new employees, and the vast majority of those organizations use LinkedIn for these purposes.

Now, this might all look like fun and games, but it’s not all that straightforward. Many business owners are unsure if LinkedIn is the best solution for them and they have some concerns that we need to deal with first.

Is it Worth Your Time?

Well, if some statistics didn’t impress you, the number over 550 million usersshould. That fact has both positive and negative sides, depending on your perspective.

First, you have a huge market, an enormous field of potential customers, and a giant opportunity for strategic alliances. It is the best-case scenario. However, you might have to spend endless amounts of time sifting through all the leads that are coming in on a daily basis only to find a handful that is useful. All the time that you put in there, you won’t be able to use on earning money. And you want to increase sales and make money, of course.

After all this has been laid out on the table, it comes down to measuring the pros and cons. The potential of making long-lasting relationships in business (and even beyond business) is much higher than the time spent, or better yet invested in making it happen.

The Magic of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not that much different than any other mainstream social network. It has everything your regular social network has, which makes it easy to use, even for someone who’s never been in contact with it before.

Even though it’s relatively easy, there are still some guidelines to be followed. If you follow these, you will have a complete, organized profile which will attract clients like bees to honey.

Professional profile – Although LinkedIn resembles many other social networks, its purpose is much different than that of Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn is much more professional and even formal, so it requires a much more professional and structured approach.

Your LinkedIn profile reveals who you are, speaks of your business, and it’s up to you what that representation will exhibit. To be direct, there is only one chance to make a first impression, and you want that impression to be able to sell your business. Having a sloppy and unprofessional profile will lead you nowhere.

Goal and audience – Before you start doing anything, you have to define the purpose of your initiative. You have to know what the end game is, and once you realize that, you can proceed to determine your audience.

Relevant content – When you know what you want and discover who your ideal client is, you will come to know your target audience. You will know your client’s wishes and needs, and that way you will be able to offer your best and most exciting content that will be in tune their interests and fulfill their expectations.

This way, you will have a strong base of trusting followers, which is also the next step – attracting even more followers. It means that, by staying relevant to your content and offering people what they like, you will have a higher traffic of people visiting your profile or company page. The more people watch, the more potential clients you have.

Get really into it – The best way to have high content is to know who it is for and with whom it resonates the best. You will have to look into some more in-depth aspects of LinkedIn, such as LinkedIn Company Page analytics or LinkedIn Campaign Manager analytics, which again requires some of your time, focus, and patience.

LinkedIn stands firmly as a source of everything you need, to reach out to more clients. It has so many users which makes the pool of potential prospects so much more significant. And the users are all potential clients, customers, and partners. It offers excellent tools for targeting, sending personalized messages, connecting, publishing, and sharing. Have you leveraged its potential to the fullest? If not, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Strong Social is there to support you in reaching your goals by providing quality services in building a strong social media presence, generating qualified leads, and creating content that resonates.


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