How to Understand Instagram Insights

If we were to think of the Ten Commandments for marketers, the first rule would be: Thou shall process your data! If you’re using Instagram to promote your business and build brand awareness, you need to know how effective your Instagram marketing is. And the only way to do it is by understanding your Instagram insights.

How many people sent you a message asking for information? How many people clicked on your website link? You should know these answers because they’ll help you understand your audience. Instagram Insights are there to help you get to these answers and measure the impact of your Insta marketing.

Before we begin, we must mention that only Instagram Business Profiles have access to the Insights feature. You can convert to a business profile easily with just a few taps.

Find your Analytics page by tapping on the Settings symbol (top right-hand corner), and it will take you there.

So, let’s get down to business.

What Insights are Displayed There?

What can you learn from Instagram Insights? Let’s break everything down into the three categories that Insights has available: Activity, Content, and Audience.


How is your profile performing on Instagram (overall)? You can find that out in the Activity tab. Here, you can assess whether your content is popular and effective in driving customer actions. You can find out how many profiles visits you received, how many website clicks your visitors made, the total number of taps your posts or profile received, and the number of phone calls or ‘get directions’ visitors placed via your Insta profile. You can see the data in the current period as well as how it is performing in comparison to recent past weeks. It allows you to determine your peak posting times or trends by seeing when most of the interactions happened.

In the Discovery section underneath, you’ll see how useful your photos or videos were at reaching your audience, which can help you evaluate how effective your discovery and growth strategies are. Knowing which strategies work and which don’t can make a massive difference to your business.


The Content tab provides information about the performance of specific posts, allowing you to see what type of results they’re getting. Once you tap to look at all Feed Posts, the content with the most impressions sorts at the very top. Of course, you can change this to see the performance of posts by actions driven, including – follows, calls, engagements, comments, likes, impressions, get directions, emails, website clicks, reach, profile visits, saved, and texts. You can also choose to filter by videos, photos, shopping posts, and carousel posts to see what’s working for each specific type of post.

Under the Content tab, you can view the information on Instagram Stories (forwards, replies, reach, impressions, backwards, next story, exited early). Users can see Insta Stories data as far back as 14 days, so be sure to record the data before it’s gone. Which content is performing best? What are the trends behind it? This data will help you know.


Even if it can’t provide information as detailed as Facebook can, the Audience tab contains the most critical information about your audience. Want to keep track of your follower growth and learn more about your user base?

In the Audience tab, you can see which countries and cities are giving you the most followers, what’s the percentage of men and women in your following, as well as the ages of your followers. At the very bottom of the tab, you can see when your followers are online – by the hour and by day. It is crucial to determine the perfect time to publish your content or go Live because then the audience engagement is the highest.

Instagram is one of the most used visual social media platforms, and its developers have introduced many changes and new features during the last few years (such as Instagram Live Chat and IGTV). Feed changes, algorithm improvements, and many more updates have changed how users receive and interact with content. Instagram Insights has been (and still is) one of the significant introductions to the app because it allows you to track the analytics measuring your content’s performance.

Understanding your audience is essential because every line of work is driven by the consumer behavior, needs, and preferences. Only by giving them relevant content will you attract more people to your brand, so don’t wait any longer and tap on that Instagram Insights button to improve your engagement rates through a better Instagram strategy.


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