How to Use Video on Social Media to Get More Engagement

The best way to increase engagement in the world of social media is video marketing. Video dominates, and by all odds, will continue to dominate today’s marketing channels for a while. According to Social Media Today, digital marketers who utilize video, grow their revenue by almost 50% faster than non-video users. But to make a significant impact with your videos, you need to stay on top of social media video trends. You will boost engagement on social media only if you use your videos right.

     1. Video Topic and Relevance

The crucial components of any video that directly impact its performance are the topic and subject matter. The subject of your video has to be something that will interest and provide value to your audience. Whether it’s informative, explanatory, or entertaining – it must offer value.

     2. Length and Structure

One of the most impactful (and one of the easiest) changes you can make in your videos is adjusting their length and structure. Those simple tweaks can bring in a boost in engagement overnight. It all depends on the social media platform where you are posting your videos. Audiences on YouTube and Facebook watch longer videos, while Twitter and Instagram favor shorter videos. It’s also essential to have a consistent structure in your videos to instill a sense of familiarity in your audience, so they grow accustomed to it and know what to expect whenever they press play. Thanks to Sprout Social, you can stay updated on the latest video specs.

     3. The Importance of First Impressions

The first few seconds of your video and the thumbnail are critical to the first impression. Videos with unclear or convoluted thumbnails generate less engagement because people scroll past them or leave in the first few seconds. If your audience doesn’t feel that you are directly addressing the point suggested by your thumbnail, description, or title, they’re less likely to watch it. Unfortunately, marketers often overlook this aspect of social media video engagement.

Some social platforms use the first frame of the video as thumbnail or autoplay videos with the sound off when users are scrolling by them. That is why you should aim to make these elements as attention-grabbing as possible.

     4. Optimize Your Videos

Have you been neglecting content and SEO optimization in your videos? Use clear and engaging titles, never leave your captions or descriptions blank, and use the right hashtags and keywords. Every social platform has different characteristics and sections that allow for SEO. Do your research and always optimize.

     5. Reach audience on-the-go

When standing in line in a bank, time goes quicker when watching a video. That’s why people are more receptive to watching short videos when on-the-go. Create videos not longer than five minutes, optimize it for mobile devices, and add titles so people can watch it with the sound off.

     6. Connect your consumers to your brand story

What’s your strongest selling point? What sets you apart from the competition? What is so unique about the offer you’re bringing to the table? Be creative, visualize your brand story, let your brand personality shine, and show your audience what you stand for. Thanks to the audio-visual appeal, you can use video for branding, boost engagement, and authentically present your brand.

     7. Upload Native Videos

Native hosting of social media platforms comes with its advantages. Instead of uploading your video on just one platform and then share the link on the other, upload it individually on all platforms. There are some issues, such as affecting SEO and segmenting your audiences. But at the end of the day, native videos rank better on their platforms, and people prefer this content type.

     8. Live Video

When Facebook and Instagram introduced their Live options, brands started using it for boosting social media engagement, and have seen excellent results. Live video is excellent for engaging fans in real-time, so consider live streaming an industry event, a product launch event, or behind-the-scenes. Host a Q&A or go live every week to entertain and update your social media followers. According to Neil Patel, live video viewers are more likely to feel immediacy, excitement, and connection. Facebook and Instagram Stories features are also great for the real-time feel of your videos.

     9. User-Generated Videos

One of the best ways to boost social media engagement is to feature your fans and customers in your videos. User-generated content is known as quite an effective engagement booster because:

  • You don’t create it – your fans and followers do.
  • You turn all of them into brand advocates who contribute to raising your brand awareness.

The followers get proof that your customers love what you have to offer, while you get the loyalty of people whose videos you share (it makes them feel appreciated.) To further increase engagement on social media, combine user-generated videos with your branded and some trending hashtags. Also, encourage them to share the content and include your branded hashtag.

     10. Schedule your posts to maximize engagement

Your audience isn’t there all the time, while you want to post videos while most of them are active. Otherwise, you could lose on engagement opportunities. Do your research to find out when most of your followers are online, and then schedule your video posts accordingly. The goal is to have them watch it, comment, like, and share the post. Take a look at Hubspot’s guide on the best time to post on social media. Don’t follow it blindly, but run a few tests first to see whether it works best for you on the platform of your choice.

If all these tips make you feel overwhelmed about where to start, begin with what feels the most natural to your brand. Make it your starting point, create videos that take the least effort and smallest budget, and start testing. If it works, then invest more time and money, and start building from there.


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