LinkedIn Pulse: The Power of Blogging on LinkedIn

When LinkedIn added a blogging option on their platform, it gave many people a reason to start using it more regularly. They opened different routes for people to extend their reach and influence others by posting cutting-edge quality content. It’s called LinkedIn Pulse – a news aggregation feed for members who want to write and share content with their audience.

This has transformed LinkedIn into a comprehensive blogging platform, with features that allow you to expand and remain engaged in your network, demonstrate your thought leadership, and increase your brand visibility.

There are many extraordinary benefits to LinkedIn blogging. These are the most prominent benefits of LinkedIn’s blog medium.

Better Google Ranking

LinkedIn and search engines cooperate pretty well. When you publish a blog on LinkedIn, Google will pick it up immediately, which is excellent if you’re writing a blog in response to the latest news in your industry. This is a great opportunity for content that is crafted to be timeless.

Immediate Traffic 

If you’re launching a blog on your new website or via a blogging platform, you would need to work hard to attract readers. On the other hand, LinkedIn has more than 500 million users. That’s a significant number of people who might want to read about what you have to say. You can drive your website traffic as well by adding links in your content to redirect readers where you want. LinkedIn helps you bring the content to the readers starting with your own network of connections.

Boost Exposure Within and Beyond LinkedIn

If you’re a great writer, then you won’t have any problems getting your content to spread. Once published, it will appear in the homepages of your connections and they can read it, hit like, and comment. When they do that, it will appear on the homepages of their connections, and that’s a great opportunity to maximize your exposure. They can also share it on their own LinkedIn profiles or on other social media platforms, so it could pick up traffic from Facebook or Twitter. With its built-in analytics, LinkedIn can show you how many views and comments your blog post gained and how many times it got shared.

Build Your Credibility

Anyone who visits your LinkedIn profile will see the latest content you published right at the top of it. Those visitors will know that you’re knowledgeable, engaged, and confident to express your opinion, which will aid in building your credibility as an industry thought leader.

How to Blog on LinkedIn

Here are some hints and tactics on how to maximize your blogging efforts and leverage the power of blogging on LinkedIn.

1. Create Original Content

That’s a no-brainer when it comes to content creation. The articles you publish on LinkedIn should be well-written and unique. Invest some time and sweat to create something specifically for the platform because you blog for their demographic. Content is often duplicated by marketing-copycats who are only interested in increasing their exposure and not in providing value. Upon publishing your post, take a look at the insights, test, and analyze the numbers. If you’re repurposing or reposting any content, make sure to say where it was published previously and add an accompanying link.

2. Add Links to Relevant Resources

It is absolutely essential to back up your opinion with relevant information. This is crucial not just for LinkedIn but the Internet in general. When you’re citing quotes from recent industry news, corporate reports, or opinion leaders, you add up to your blog credibility, recognize the work of others, and connect your ideas to those of the community.

3. Update Your Company Page Regularly

First, update your company page, and then start publishing blog posts. The employees who are posting within your company’s marketing strategy should optimize their own LinkedIn profiles by adding publications to their accomplishments and writing their current company and job position.

4. How Often Should You Post?

The timing depends on the platform, your targeted region, your goals, and other factors. As for LinkedIn, results of this research tell us about the best times to post content. As for the posting frequency, many professionals don’t have their personal blog site but use LinkedIn Pulse for that purpose. You shouldn’t post as frequently as them because, according to HubSpot, publishing more than five times a week with bring your ROI down.

5. Add Visuals

Visual content (images and videos) is considered to be the most engaging during the last few years. They are great for making you stand out in people’s news feed and attract more readers. When choosing visuals for your blog content, it should resonate with the demographics you’re writing for. As for the body of your article, you can add an appropriate SlideShare presentation or YouTube video.

The last piece of advice we have for leveraging the power of LinkedIn Pulse is to use your networking skills. You’ve published an expert article on a certain topic, and you want like-minded professionals to see it. One of the best ways to do it is to get featured in a popular LinkedIn group. Become a member of a group, team up with the administrators, and start sharing your content there.


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