10 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Twitter is still one of the major players as far as SMM goes. With its active community of 327 MAU (monthly active users), it’s impossible to ignore. Nearly every significant brand today has tried to employ Twitter as one of their marketing channels.

But how do you reach and engage with a community this large? How do you effectively market your brand and get your message heard by millions of users? Here are ten pro tips to get you going in the right direction.

Pro Tip #1

“Make a good first impression. Pick the right handle, make a great profile photo and a header image combo!”

Think of a Twitter handle that is in line with your brand name. Short, simple and memorable. Being that tweets are limited by 280 characters, it will be much easier for users to include in their tweets and far easier to memorize. It’s important to keep your Twitter handle consistent with other social media channels you have as you will want to avoid any potential confusion by the users when reaching out to you.

What makes a great profile picture?

It depends on whether you’re a brand or an individual. For brands, you should always go with a logo. It helps improve brand awareness and improves engagement. Each time a user sees it, chances improve of them recognizing your logo on other channels, both online and offline.

For individuals, you should always go with a clear professional headshot. The same rules apply for the logo choice with a brand, you want it to be clearly identifiable to your followers.

Pro Tip #2

“Write a good bio in 160 characters – that’s 20 to 25 words of text to showcase you, your company or your brand.“

A killer bio doesn’t necessarily have to be a work of art. Keep that for your tweets. You can express your and your brand’s personality in 25 words. You can even be humorous. 

Here are a few suggestions about what your bio should be like:

  • Accurate and to the point
  • Personalized (humorous, if that is one of your qualities)
  • Targeted and tailored to your audience
  • Brag-ish (no room for modesty on social media)

Another important thing is to tag any brands you or your brand is associated with. Don’t forget to include any relevant hashtags as these will help improve your reach.

Pro Tip #3

“Tweet around peak hours – it improves your chances of user engagement.”

There are certain timeframes in which Twitter users are most active. You can identify these times in several ways by:

  • Researching case studies such are these from HubSpot, AdWeek, and Buffer
  • “Stalking” influencers from your niche and identifying their most engaged posts and their times of posting
  • Evaluate and test your audience engagement over time

In the end, it will all come to testing and evaluation of engagement of the specific type of audience you are targeting. Experiment with content posting times and different content types to find out patterns and anomalies that can determine and regulate your posting schedule.

Pro Tip #4

“Hashtags are important but don’t overuse them – it’s much too easy to do so, and it won’t do you any good.”

Hashtags are an important part of a tweet – they bring context and help people reach your message. Tweets that include contextual hashtags are said to give upto two times more engagement than tweets without them. However, tweets that have more than two hashtags or a single one that is out of context receive up to 18% less engagement.

Research hashtags that are trending and add context to your tweets by using tools such as Twitter Analytics.

Pro Tip #5

“Use visuals to make your tweets more engaging – images and GIFs are the way to go!”

Visuals will give you more clicks and shares – they almost double the engagement with your tweets. But don’t use unrelated visuals just for the sake of using them. It doesn’t work that way, and in some cases, it can backfire.

When using visuals for your tweets, use contextual images as a method to further describe your message or emotion behind it.

Pro Tip #6

“Videos outperform any other visual added to a tweet.”

Twitter videos allow you to upload a video to your Tweet and with a live video option available you can interact with your audience in real time. Videos are of course available even after the stream has ended so your audience can engage with it even further. According to research conducted by Twitter, videos get as much as six times more engagement than tweets with images, and as much as three times more than tweets with GIFs.

Pro Tip #7

“Be creative and experiment with your CTAs!”

The whole concept of Twitter marketing is about increasing brand awareness, generating and nurturing leads, boost engagement and eventually drive more sales.

You are probably doing this already in your tweets by composing messages that drive actions and inviting users to follow you, like or share them. And this is great. However, by adding more creative CTAs in sync with your regular tweets, you are increasing the chances of better engagement. A few CTAs to have in mind are:

  • Check out our store
  • Download here
  • Learn more
  • Visit our Shop
  • Visit our website

Pro Tip #8

“Reach out to niche influencers to get more exposure.”

A single tweet from a reputable influencer can change your brand’s world.

This is true, but it’s not as easy. You will need to do some “stalking” and research. Find influencers in your niche, check their tweets and see if they align with your brand’s message. Engage and interact with them. If they deem fit, send out a direct message and ask if they are interested in promoting your brand. Most reputable influencers cannot be bought by money and will refuse if your brand’s message is not in line with their persona. So take your time with this.

Pro Tip #9

“Use the power of Twitter ads – utilize the platform to its maximum potential.”

When you need a quick boost, Twitter ads are the way to go. This goes especially for brands that have a low number of followers. Compared to other social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, they are a bit more expensive. However, they are a means to an end, and a very powerful one.

Promoted tweets are the Twitter ad format most used for increasing engagement and reach in a short time frame.

Pro Tip #10

“Increase engagement with interactive posts – polls are the way to go!”

Polls are not just for fun. They can help you conduct market and audience research, both exploratory and specific. But the best part of it is that they are interactive and will help you improve your audience activity and engagement.

You can create polls as easy as you tweet – by simply ticking the polls button in tweet composer. 

In combination with creative, contextual CTAs, your twitter poll may drive conversions, so plan them well.

All set! Time to get up and go!

You can start from any point on the list. Aside from Twitter ads, all of these require research, time, expertise and content adjustments, which can be done by you or a professional. Just remember, the most important thing is to keep your brand in sync with your audience and not drift away from the message you are trying to convey, because there is only so much you can say with 280 characters. And there, lies the true beauty and the power of Twitter.


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