Pros and Cons of Using Facebook Live for Marketing

Real-time live streaming has become very popular. The main characteristic is that it’s interactive, as viewers can write comments in real-time, ask questions, and react to whatever you are streaming. By just clicking “Live” on the app, you start broadcasting. This way you can record immediately from any place in the world for any reason. It is one of the best ways to promote your line of business and brand, but it has its downsides as well which you should consider before trying to implement it in your marketing strategy.


1. Live-stream allows people to get to know your line of business better. Furthermore, your brand becomes recognizable. Users prefer brands that are familiar to them, that can connect to them, and that they quickly understand. Facebook Live shows the real face of your business which makes it a handy promotion tool.

2. Facebook Live ensures that you can address a large group of people at the same time. It gives you an insight into how many people are watching your stream at the time, which can help you attract a more significant number of followers.

3. It’s straightforward to see how people are reacting to your business by using Facebook Live. They can like, comment, share and dislike your live video. It is all presented in numbers, so it’s easy to follow. This way, you can adjust your promotion if there are too many negative feedbacks.

4. It’s free! It can help if you are a startup or a home-based business. Even bigger companies are using this type of promotion because it saves them large amounts of money. For a Facebook Live stream, you don’t need expensive video equipment, only an excellent mobile device camera, a full battery, and you’re good to go.

5. It saves time. There is no need to record a video, edit, post, and all sorts of things that are necessary for a generated content. Instead of doing all of that, you click “Live,” and everything is in motion. It gives a more authentic approach than a pre-recorded video.


1. Since you’re not using pre-recorded and edited video, but are going live, there is always a possibility of some technical issues. Some of them are blurry videos, problems with sound, background noises, and low battery. All of this can jeopardize your live streaming which may lead to losing viewers.

2. The interaction via Facebook Live is limited. You cannot interact with all of your viewers. For example, if someone misses your live stream, there is a low possibility for you to reach them privately. So, if you want to attract more people, keep your videos short and make sure that your material is interesting.

3. Little unpredictable things can always happen when you are going live. Even though sometimes those things can go your way, it can also backfire on you. If you drop your phone, trip, forget what you wanted to say, or say something that you didn’t mean to, stay calm reorganize your thoughts and move on.

4. Everyone can use Facebook Live, and that gives space for some people to abuse it. Therefore, censorship is present on Facebook Live. Too many videos with violent content were streamed, so the Facebook decided to take down all videos that were not appropriate. So be sure that all of your viral content is acceptable by the rules.

5. Using too much of this type of promotion can be harmful to your business as viewers can see it as spam. Live streaming too often can result in fewer views, so always have a schedule of streaming. Also, be sure that your content is relevant. Plan your streams before going live to avoid making any mistakes.

If you want your business to grow, Facebook Live is a good thing for you to do. It gives you so many opportunities for promotion. It is an excellent way to increase productivity and the number of customers, so unleash all your creative powers as much as you can. Customers love creative and original content and can help you interact with them on a much higher level. Contrarily, if you already have loyal and regular customers, this might not be necessary for your advertising. The existing base of your customers can show you whether you need Facebook Live to promote your business.

Why is my Facebook live so blurry?

If you have a blurry Facebook Live stream then you could have a higher latency (lag). Latency is caused by a slow or bad internet connection. The Facebook app on your phone will stream a blurry video because it can’t upload the full video at the matching quality.

Can you Facebook live a prerecorded video?

You can live stream a prerecorded video on Facebook. Find a cloud-based service that will transcode your video to the needed specifications for live streaming to Facebook. Once your live video is started, Facebook will send push notifications to all your followers and it also will rank live videos in the news feed much higher than other types of content such normal videos, images, and text updates.

What are the best times to go live on Facebook?

Best times to go live on Facebook my vary depending on your Business and your Audience, but you can open your audience statistics and check the times in they are active the most and use that data as a guideline. Take notice of the days in the week, they are also worth considering!

Can you do a live video on Instagram and Facebook at the same time?

There is no option to broadcast a live stream on two different platforms at the same time. To do so you would have to use two apps at the same time and no smartphone currently is allowing that. The only solution is to use two devices at the same time, one for Facebook and the other for Instagram.


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