Use Social Listening to Create Content that Resonates with Your Audience

When you’re too close to a product, you tend to develop a biased view about that product. The same happens to people or teams who have worked in an organization for many years. While the bright side of it is that you know your stuff like the back of your hand (which is good for marketing), the dark side is that it becomes difficult for you to look at things from the customer’s viewpoint. You build up a knowledge bias.

Most marketers claim to know the lives of their customers inside-out. They think they’re fully aware of the likes and dislikes of their customers. The fact, however, is that their customers might need something entirely different. This is where social listening comes into play.

Social listening refers to the process of monitoring what the world is saying about your products, services or your business as a whole on different social media platforms and then examining that data. Done right, social listening can help you refine your marketing and sales strategy. It enables you to glean valuable insights right from your customers and use those insights to guide your content, business development, R&D etc.

Key benefits of social listening include:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Ideas for content generation
  • Target keywords identification
  • Influencer and brand advocate recognition
  • Improved customer service

Social listening, as you can see, can bring a number of benefits to a business. But one benefit that overrides (or reinforces) the rest is content idea generation. By leveraging social listening, you’ll enable yourself to create content that truly resonates with your target audience.

While your customers may already be discussing on social media exactly what they need, you might not know what they are really talking about. Prepare your team to start monitoring social media conversations about your products, services and brand and figure out how to interpret that data into content your customers will consume.

This recent infographic from Salesforce is packed with all those important pieces of information that you need to benefit from social listening. Most importantly, it tells you how to use social listening to generate more content that brings about change and converts prospects.


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