8 Ways Instagram Stories Could Benefit Your Business

You’re sitting at your desk, drinking your morning coffee, and thinking about whether there is something else to include in your digital marketing strategy. The best thing about digital marketing is that there are tools here, tools there, tools everywhere. And once you have a strong campaign in place, it’s easy to upgrade it when you think appropriate.

Instagram advertising is nothing new in the world of digital marketing. However, do you know that Instagram Stories can also be used for promoting your business? The concept of Instagram Stories is similar to the Snapchat app, except that Instagram Stories are now twice as big. Stop wondering, “What good is it then?” and take a look at the ways you can benefit of using instagram stories for your business.

1. Fresh Content

The stuff you post on Instagram Stories doesn’t stay there forever. It lasts only 24 hours and is not archived, meaning that your followers will only receive fresh and relevant content. It means that there’s less content to manage and fewer mistakes that will haunt you. And there’s nothing that has been overshared, as well as no expired offers. You can stay on top of your viewers’ feed for 24 hours and get an opportunity to post little updates more often to increase your brand awareness.

2. Availability

Instagram Stories and Instagram Live Video allows you to share and go live anytime you want, and it goes with you wherever you are. It can go places where no regular camera had gone before and used whenever it’s convenient to do so. This amount of marketing portability has numerous benefits, such as giving your followers the chance to peek at new products, ways that they are made, go behind the scenes at your company, and virtually anything that can draw intrigue.

3. Get Discovered

Instagram Stories can get discovered by those that don’t follow you as well. Just because they can come across new accounts through posts, they can also do that with Stories, which means that they are also valuable for expanding your audience base.

4. Avoid Social Media Fatigue

Social media fatigue is a term that refers to our tendency to pull back from social media when we become fed up or overwhelmed by it. On the other hand, social media management should be a full-time job because it requires consistency and full focus. So, there’s not enough room for social media fatigue, right? The bigger your company grows, the more social media management you will need. Insta stories can be shared to Facebook automatically, and as they have the same offering as Snapchat, you will have one or two social media accounts to manage.

5. Maintain a Quality Feed

The quality of your feed is one of the critical engagement factors on Instagram. Photos and videos that you post on Instagram Story don’t get saved to your profile, which means that you have real-time marketing while keeping your profile clean for perfectly crafted and relevant content.

6. Open Marketing

What do you do when marketing messages annoy you? You block them. But if you’re specifically looking for them, then you are open to that advertisement. With Instagram Stories and Instagram Live, people can assume that you’re conveying a marketing message or promoting something, but they’ll tune in any way. With no buffers or blinders, the marketer’s job is made a bit easier.

7. Immediacy

If you want to boost your sales and do it quickly, you can use Instagram Stories to publish premium content, such as special offers, one-day discounts, or flash sales exclusively for your viewers. Learn how to keep track of Instagram Stories analytics and what are your key metrics, and you’ll get insight into what did or didn’t work well.

8. Include Links

For a user to be able to click directly on a link, the link must be placed in the Bio section. It requires you to change your Bio whenever you have a new link to share and try to point your audience to a specific webpage. On the other hand, if you have more than 10,000 followers, Instagram will allow you to add links to your content.

Stories aren’t going anywhere soon and are quite relevant for engaging with your users. And they give you more freedom to experiment with different types of content and let loose when it comes to content creation. There are so many benefits to this feature, so why not give it a try?

Are Instagram stories good for my business?

Speaking, in general, using social media is good for your business, in that way you are building your brand an brand awareness. Instagram as a platform is mostly used by younger people and one of the main highlights on Instagram are Instagram Stories, so you might consider using them for your business if you haven’t yet.

Can you see how many times someone views your Instagram story?

When you use Instagram Stories for your business you have to be familiar with all the features and benefits that they are offering. One of them is the possibility to view all the people that have seen your story and the exact number of unique people that saw it in total. There is even an option to send those people a private message and this can be your secret weapon in using Instagram Stories to boost your online sales!

Is 1000 followers on Instagram a lot?

There is no digital marketing metric that is good or bad in general, it depends on your exact needs and marketing goals. Nowadays numbers don’t mean so much on Social Media, meaning they are not a metric that will show someone’s sales or profits. If you are a small local business a number of 1000 followers can be huge, but otherwise, if you are a national or multinational brand 1000 followers can be a poor metric.

How can I use Instagram Questions on my business profile?

Instagram Questions are a recent update on Instagram that allows business page owners to add a question field on their stories. They are a great way to start conversations with your audience in a lot faster and smoother way for them. Instagram Questions are an amazing option to show your expertise and experience to a broader audience and not just to the person that is asking for more information about something.


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