5 Ways to Find the Best LinkedIn Prospects

What separates LinkedIn from other networks is that it is a networking site for professionals and business people to connect. There are prospects, workers, business owners, and executives, all scrolling through, looking for some fresh, valuable content as well as for ways to market themselves. If you’re out there, trying to figure out how to expand your business, you can assuredly do it by using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a low-cost way of finding new clients, customers, and potential partners. If you want to get more value from LinkedIn, you better get ready to find out how to search for your target prospects.

1. Start by Making a List

Who is an opportunity? It is any person in an organization, company, business, or industry who could be interested in what you have to offer. So, first make a list of potential prospects by writing who they are, their age, gender, and education level. These can be the people you’re already working with, employers (if you need a job), employees (if you have open job positions to fill), strategic partners, and mentors. Once you complete the list, start looking for those people.

2. Use LinkedIn’s Search Filters

You can search for prospects by using the platform’s simple search filters in combination with Boolean logic. With Boolean logic, you can perform more detailed searches by combining or limiting search terms. There are 5 Boolean search operators:

  • “This NOT that” – lets you exclude particular terms when performing a search.

  • Add NOT before the term, and you will get the wanted result.

  • “This OR that” – gives results that include one or more terms by adding OR before the terms

  • “This AND that” – used to get two or more terms. This type of search will give you the results of people who have both of those terms in their LinkedIn profile.

  • If you want to search for an exact phrase, type in words in quotation marks. It is necessary to use quotation marks to get the desired search results.

  • Complex search can be done by combining terms and parentheses.

3. Advanced Search

If you want to take your search for prospects to the next level, you can use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search. This way, you can narrow down the search for a needed level. It can be done by using advanced search filters or search operator.

To use LinkedIn’s filters, click on All Filters (located on the search results page) and enter your search details in the appropriate field.

LinkedIn’s search operator has five field commands: first name, last name, school, company, and title. Now, you only need to type in these commands in a followed colon in the search bar. Remember not to use spaces when performing a search query.

4. Search by Company, Alumni, or Group

You can search for prospects based on a company, alumni or a group. For example, if a company has its LinkedIn page, you can look for prospects who are already working for that company, and see whether you’d want to work with them. That allows you to send paid messages to people you want to get in touch with. They are called InMail, and each time will cost you $10 (if you have the free LinkedIn account.)

When performing an alumni search, the search results will show you where your potential prospects live, what school they attended, what they have studied, their skills, and how you are connected with them.

When searching by a group, you search for people with whom you have something in common. Now you have more reasons to connect and work with them.

5. Found Any Prospects? Now Connect

When you see your target prospects, try to communicate with them. One of the ways you can do that is to send them a customized invitation. Ask them for an introduction so you can get to know them better. Find out about people that your prospect knows, trusts, or like by clicking on Connection in their bio section. Then you can get in touch with those connections and expand your network.

When performing a search, keep in mind that you can’t invite everyone (LinkedIn has more than 500 million members) as the number of invitations is limited to 3,000 in total. Use this method of search to find people that are best suited to fit your ideal prospect. Always try to develop relationships, both personal and professional because when it comes to expanding the business, it can benefit both sides.


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