7 Ways to Grow Your Audience in Instagram

Everyone is growing their Instagram following nowadays, from individuals to global brands. Instagram can boast of having one billion users, so it comes naturally to leverage the platform to gain visibility and build brand awareness.

The first thing to do when embarking on the path toward increased visibility is to increase your Instagram following. How can you do that? Take a look at these tips.

1. Creativity

Content should always be versatile, and once you improve what you post you will start getting more likes and comments. People like to see fresh and exciting ideas. Be sure to always make some attractive enhancements to your photos.

You can also add stories related to your photos to avoid monotonous posts. Also, an excellent way to attract more followers is to make a theme that is associated to your Instagram profile, whether that is art, music, books or anything else that people might love.

2. The Choice of Hashtags

It is critical to tag your photos with the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Since your goal is to increase the number of your followers, this will help you on a large scale. By doing so, more people will find and see your photos when searching via hashtags. Know that some of them are more popular than others. By using those that are currently trending, you’ll have higher chances of approaching a more significant number of users.

3. Make A Hashtag

It’s a perfect method to attract more people. You will need to think of a hashtag that doesn’t already exist and make people use it. It needs to have some distinct purpose. When people start using it, it gives you an option to like and repost photos from your followers. Don’t forget to use that hashtag yourself and like their content, because that way you give your followers the deserved credit. Also, your followers will create content for you (user-generated content.)

4. Instagram Stories

These are becoming more and more popular as many users nowadays find stories to be more interesting than the usual feeds. Again, we come to the creativity. Let the followers get to know you better. Enable them to find out what happened and was worth mentioning. Ask your followers about anything, use GIFs, music. This way, you can connect with the people that are following you, and what’s even better, by doing this, you get comfortable with the videos you post.

5. Free Stuff

Everyone likes free stuff. You can organize a contest, where people can repost an image on the given subject, and then tag you or use your branded hashtag. The winner will get a prize. It is a great way to motivate users to follow you, especially if you throw a contest that has a specific theme. For example, if you are a Tourist agency, you can ask people to share photos from their holidays and use your hashtag. The winner gets a free trip.

6. Collaborations

One of the best ways to quickly increase the number of your followers is to ask a popular Instagram influencer to support you. Find someone that is in your niche and has a large number of followers. If that person can promote you on his or her page, there is a great chance to reach out to a large number of people that haven’t heard of you. These influencers can post about your products and redirect users to your Instagram account.

7. Advertisement

There are four types of advertising on Instagram: slideshow ads, video ads, photo ads, and carousel ads. Photo and video ads are like any other post on Instagram but with one addition, and that is a label from the sponsors located above the photo or video.

By using slideshow ads, you can combine ten images and create an animation (with some music in the background.) These types of ads are easier to load compared to video. With carousel ads, you can sum up several related posts into a single one and make multi-product ads.

These are some of the most effective ways to boost the numbers of your followers on Instagram. However, you shouldn’t always rely on numbers. The best strategy is an authentic one. With this type of approach, you can promote your products and brand, and be very successful in your line of work.


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