5 Ways to Use Your Personal Brand for Business

There is a huge difference between a personal and a corporate brand. A personal brand, as its name suggests, is built around you personally. A business brand is built around an identity you invented for your brand, with a name that’s independent of your personal name.

If you have already built your personal brand and would like to leverage it to help your business brand rise as well, you should know there are ways to do it. A strong personal brand and a loyal community can help you do wonders. Here are our 5 ways for using your personal brand for business.

1. Tell Good Stories

The power of good storytelling is emphasized all around the place. So, when looking for the best marketing tools in your business, there’s no need to look far. If you have a personal brand, then you must have stories to tell about what you’ve done so far and what you can do for others. But how to use your narratives to attract the right people to your business? Identify your strengths and weaknesses and use them to engage your audience.

People always do business with other people. Many brands spend enormous amounts of money to develop their spokespeople or characters that their customers can relate to. In your case, the spokesperson is you, and the stories you tell are your own. Just find out which stories your listeners can relate to.

2. Originality is an Invaluable Asset

There’s copycat marketing everywhere, with companies copying and pasting their business models. You can avoid it by building a business that’s centered around you. And as companies can copy their business strategies and whatsoever, nobody can copy your image, personality, and personal experiences.

By infusing your personal brand into your business, add up to your business’ originality and uniqueness. You will be memorable by being different, which always beats being better.

3. Create Strong Content

For a start, take one piece of your content, such as a video presentation or interview, and turn it into a media pitch, a podcast, or a blog. Repurposing a single piece of content on multiple platforms is known as the “content compound effect”. Continue to build more content around the topic from the video by offering a live workshop or developing a webinar around it. It will take a lot of time to create original content for all the different platforms you can leverage for your marketing. On the other hand, repurposing content is a great marketing hack that will help you reach more people and get the most return out of it.

4. Use Your Personal Brand for Bringing New Leads

Personal branding can definitely bring your new leads because customers perceive these brands as safer and they enjoy wider exposure. They don’t pressure people to buy, so it’s easier to get people to enter your sales funnel. However, be sure to introduce your customers to your business brand somewhere along the way.

5. Take Center Stage

In other words – be an expert in your industry. By doing more public speaking, blogging, and hosting a podcast, you will put yourself front and center. There are, of course, many people who are to humble to pose themselves as experts, but if you’re willing to step forward and talk about your experiences and expertise in public speaking, training workshops, and media interviews, you can reap significant benefits. You’ll benefit by making a much stronger impact and reaching a larger audience.

The “strong personal brand and weak company brand” strategy is great for people who want to launch a business and build a powerful personal legacy. Their companies revolve around their identity. These people are known as “solopreneurs,” and they often start from this point. As they grow, they also propel their companies to evolve. If a solopreneur plans to grow beyond this “solopreneurship,” it would be a mistake to name a company after themselves. Otherwise, clients often want attention from the owner, which can make difficulties in delegating the clients to the company’s team members.

Start small by picking up a few tactics. When creating content for your business, infuse more of your personal brand in it. Start presenting yourself as an industry expert and tell great stories through podcast interviews, workshops, public speaking, and media pitches. Today’s customers don’t connect with brands like they do with personalities that stand behind them, because it’s much easier to remember a face than a business logo.

Be ready to put in work. If you’ve made it so far to build a strong personal brand, with a good strategy in place for infusing it into your business will help you bring more leads in shorter time cycles and build a strong business image in no time.


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