7 Ways Twitter Can Help You Grow Your Business

In the world of social media, the Twittersphere holds a rather special place. Within its 280 character limit, we can use Twitter to express ourselves in a succinct way that people will able to understand and relate to. Now, even though this online venue is primarily seen as a social media platform dedicated to topical posts and news, it also represents a great opportunity for your business.

Thanks to its unique mechanics and large armies of followers, a company can make great use of its presence on Twitter. What’s more, this social media platform is well-known as being fast-paced, so the prospect of gaining many followers in a relatively short period of time isn’t all that difficult. In this article, we’ll list 7 ways in which having a Twitter account as a business can help with your branding efforts, as well as with your overall company growth.

1. Brand Reinforcement

Even though its character limitation may seem like a hurdle for promoting your business, a right kind of marketing strategy can turn this into your strength. If you’re joining Twitter as a company, make sure to optimize your account so that it includes your logo, pictures of your products, as well as a number of links leading to your website.

2. Increased Traffic to Your Website

Among other things, Twitter can be used for attracting new visitors (and potentially- customers) to your main website. This is where Twitter’s character limitation comes into play.

Since a post can be no longer than 280 characters, many users resort to simply posting links to articles. Therefore, Twitter audiences are quite well-used to following a link to another destination.

To take full advantage of this, make short and energized announcements or messages and then link to the page where people can learn more about it. For example, let your audience know that you’re selling a new product, and then post a link to your sales page.

3. New Customers

If you consider the sheer number of people using Twitter nowadays (more than 300 million is the most recent number), you’ll see that this platform represents a massive pool of potential new customers.

Rendering your company a part of the community is the first step of this equation. The other one is having your voice heard. Make sure to post regularly and to display your knowledge of your company’s particular field of work.

Solving a problem for someone is the best possible way to advertise yourself and your company as the authority in one area. Therefore, make your posts useful to your audience and mind not to undermine your professional integrity by posting something wildly out of context.

4. Staying Updated on New Trends in the Industry

Whether it’s through hashtags or actual messages, users on Twitter tend to express what they find interesting at the moment. More importantly, they also speak about what they need or require.

More often than not, simply listening to what is being said (or rather- written), you’ll be able to fashion your marketing campaign so that it answers to what people are talking about. For example, if everyone’s talking about the World Cup, you can also mention it in your Twitter posts, and then somehow connect that topic to something you have on sale currently.

Bottom line, even if you don’t manage to directly connect the trending topics with what you do as a business, you’ll still be in the hub of the events which inevitably means- more exposure for your company.

5. Getting Valuable Feedback

When it comes to running a marketing campaign of any sort, getting feedback from your target audience is crucial to your success. Understanding what your audience thinks about what you publish will surely help you improve your content.

This principle is no different with Twitter. As you progress with making various posts, the number of retweets, comments or likes will show you how your followers react to what you have to say.

6. Opportunity for Creating an Efficient Customer Service

It may sound odd at first, but Twitter can be used as a customer service platform for your business. Thanks to its dynamic nature, getting feedback from your customers and replying to any possible complaints can be a quick procedure.

This, will enable you to move swiftly when it comes to resolving issues and optimizing your customer service platform, so that it becomes more time-efficient and user-friendly. Also, running a customer service on a social media platform doesn’t cost anything, so you could even save some money by moving the whole thing to social media.

7. Check on What Competitors are Doing

Other than promoting your own brand and pushing forth your marketing campaign, Twitter can also be great for observing your competitors.

There are many companies using Twitter as their marketing weapon of choice. If you have an account, you can see how other businesses are faring in their campaigns.

This will give you valuable insight into what is currently trending and what to pay attention to when it comes to your own Twitter marketing campaign. All in all, it’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than your own.

When it comes to Twitter, following through with your posting schedule and ensuring your customer satisfaction along the way are bound to turn your company into a recognizable and respectable business in no time.

In turn, a business that customers can trust is a business that will earn new customers, so if you manage to win over your customers with a marketing campaign which includes all of the aforementioned ingredients, you’ll be on the path toward making some pretty fast progress.


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