7 Ways You Can Use Instagram Stories for Marketing

The most recent research points out that Instagram stories have more than 400 million daily users. Snapchat created the “story” format, and Instagram now has twice as many story users, which is a huge success for them. Businesses now see Instagram stories as an entirely new area of opportunity for increasing their visibility and getting in front of their audience. Some believe that the use of Instagram Stories will surpass the Instagram Feed. However, the Feed remains more important, but Stories can be extremely beneficial for driving engagement to a brand or business. Here is how you can use Instagram Stories for marketing.

1. Offer Exclusive Content

Posting exclusive content works as a bonus for anyone following you. For example, notify your followers that you’ll be updating your Insta Story with material that won’t be posted anywhere else. Also, you can run a contest and announce the rules on your Story. These strategies are great for increasing your Instagram follower base.

2. Go Live!

Users can stream Live Video via Instagram Stories, and going Live can foster connection and engagement with your audience. Today, consumers value transparency, and this allows you to show the human side of your business. Communicate your message and establish a sense of authenticity around it. Users can like and comment while you stream. You can respond and answer their questions in real-time. Announce a Live Story that is coming up without giving out too much info. It will create a bit of mystery and anticipation.

3. Build Buzz with Sneak Peeks

What is your next project? What are you working on right now? Show your audience on Instagram by taking them behind the scenes and giving them just a tiny piece of what’s about to come. Let them see your new products, changes to your new site, or introduce them to the people in your office. You already have a marketing campaign in place, so use Insta Story this way to build some buzz around it.

4. Hashtags

If you know nothing about hashtags, then you must be new to the platform. They’ve been around for a while, and you can use them in Stories as well! However, unlike hashtags in Feed (you should use the ones that you can rank for the highest), with Stories, it’s better to use more popular and broader hashtagsthat are relevant to your content. It can help you increase your number of viewers.

5. Swipe Up Feature

The “Swipe Up” to see more feature is available to accounts with 10,000 or more followers. In a way, it’s how Instagram decided to reward users who managed to grow an audience on their platform. The feature is a tremendous marketing opportunity that shouldn’t be neglected because it can help you drive website traffic, promote anything at all, encourage sales, help customers with product discovery, and continue your consumers’ brand journey.

6. Communicate with Your Audience

Instagram Stories are a great opportunity to spark dialogue or create an exciting narrative around your brand. The short lifespan of stories keeps the content fresh while the full-screen format creates a more engaging experience for your audience. Use it to prompt your audience to post a story that is relevant or connected to your brand. Collect feedback about your offerings via polling stickers. Post episodic content – a series of 15-second videos to create longer episodes.

7. Drive Traffic to Other Marketing Campaigns

What’s happening on your other social media channels? Do you have a Live Video session on Facebook? Use Instagram Live to remind your audience that there’s something happening today and that it’s the last chance to get there. Post an image or short video to get some more traffic on your other social media channels or drive last-minute sign-ups.

The objectives of a marketing campaign can vary – from fostering engagement, driving conversions, getting people to talk about your business to increase brand awareness – you can use Instagram Stories as a tool for reaching these objectives. More and more people are using the Stories feature every day, which means that it’s here to stay. So, why not take advantage of it?


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